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Gnashing chicken egg rolls veggie eggrolls and cream cheese Reagan so. yeah the crab. Rangoon did not make the pandemic cut. It's not the most popular side item. J b Okay well i'm calling corporate right now. Six two six and it must be crabs. Just expensive is imitation crab. Though isn't it. it will okay. So let's let's take. let's. Yeah i'm i'm not fucking around. I love it spent. But there's been bothering me for days. Twenty twenty one. Joyce be friendly nice. Joe search joe rapid. Where's the grab raghu. Brother can't wait seventy nine. I call the wrong number. Hang on. I'm just i feel like i'm dyslexic with corona buyers. Maybe that's a symptom. They don't know about into first three characters of your name hold on. I'll look for the president operator. President of you should leave a message for him. In order andrew andrew where we hang on. Hang on mr panda rounding electric I would like to issue a complaints country where we can assist length. Thank you thank you for calling this grant. I can okay. I wish i was. Your call may be recorded for quality assurance. I hope it is. I paid him. doing this. remember. It's like most uncomfortable. Clint ever no rush on this. You there I have a general question about the The the restaurant Across the country is specifically the menu. Because i i've been looking to To order some crab rangoon. And i noticed that's not on the menu anymore is that is that going to come back question but now we do. Have a shortage of decipher goals. That baby bright. They have took it up and make you what. What is the shortage of if you don't mind me. Yes crab cream cheese or.

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