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Hitting the pavement is also less traffic driving on it, and the effectiveness of the de icers will be lower. So eventually this evening, we might hit a point where we're gonna start seeing a lot more patches of ice in random spots like ramps and sheltered areas, bridges, overpasses, so On guard on defense and definitely slowing it down. Whether inroads spray you're driving on something that looks like water, it might well the ice, especially as we get later and later, darker and darker. No major crashes reported right now on the Beltway 95 or 2 70 up in Rhetoric in Hagerstown eastbound 70 the crash after the Hagerstown exits before Boonsboro still on the right side and very much slippery up this way, In fact, ice and snow covered parts well, north and west of Washington, we got a healthy blast of snow over the past couple of hours. Definitely a lot trickier travel out this way. Traffic brought to you by Navy Federal Credit Union proud to serve members of the armed forces, Dut veterans and their families. Their members are the mission. Learn more Navy Federal data Warg Dave Tilden. W T o P. Traffic to Mike Stanford. It's Storm Team force. We watch more snow come down here particularly north of D. C. What do you have Horse? Right now You're watching that band of snow that's moving quickly through the area. It stretches along route 50 from Annapolis through buoy to the For much of the Beltway Now, right through the district and westward in a western fortunes of Montgomery County, Much of 2 70 seeing snow right now we're watching some heavier bands of snow. In the foreign northern suburbs approaching the thermometer area, too. That's Terry has been hit hard over the last several hours with Vance's stuff. So a forecast for tonight scattered snow showers and flurries at times could be an additional 1 to 3 inches of stone from I 70 northward here in the metro area. Could see up to an inch of snow over the next few hours. As these bands come through, they will start to taper off after midnight overnight lows, the mid twenties to lower 30 So not only was he a coating of snow, but all the standing water all the flesh that's going to rephrase in the nighttime hours. Blustery and cold Tomorrow was of scattered snow showers or flurries. Let's make that step to 40 miles an hour times highs tomorrow in the low to mid thirties and not much in the way of any melting. Partly sunny, blustery on Wednesday still risk us of snow flurries and highs in the mid to upper thirties Leesburg 28 VW Marshall 32 right now.

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