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Explain here just a second. We have a complete election round up for you coming up during the course of the show criminal activity being alleged that the United States postal Service Governor Hogan's epic test could fail Now getting a lot of scrutiny. Will baltimorecountymd negotiate with these hackers on ransom? Where they're talking about covert? I d cards here is part of the great reset. Maryland's Jamie Raskin, leaving the assault on religious liberty. Will Supreme Court citing with churches again, Biden's 100 Day mask a mandate is just pure idiocy on noble explain why your little it on Senator Marco Don't hold back. Don't actually don't hold that bump again. I watched these Georgia's Senate hearings. The first part of morning was an absolute joke. Kabuki theater. The show ponies and all the Georgia bureaucrats were out there trying to see why a defend themselves absolute joke, But in the afternoon, that's when it got really interesting. Rudy was there along with several witnesses, and I want to give credit to these. These two attorneys Ray Smith and Jacky Pic. They were able to obtain the security camera footage from state farm arena. Not from the state. The state didn't have it. They got it from State Farm Arena. And the This was the first time we were seeing this. And lo and behold, what we saw in the video is that a woman comes in around 10 25 10 30. On election night and sends everybody home. Every got the press goes home. The observers go home. Everybody goes home and then 30. Minutes later, they begin counting ballots again. Which is a violation of Georgia Statutory law, you must count the votes in public. It's it's the law has to happen. And they were counting sneakily in the middle of the night. And then the bombshell. This smoking gun here is the attorney Jackie Pick what you're going to see happen at about 11 o'clock. Is once everyone is gone. Coast is clear. They're going to pull the ballots out from underneath a table. Watch this table, So actually, this will take a few minutes, but We Did not know when we first watch this, Okay? Is it normal to store suitcases of ballots under a table under a table cloth? Is that how they run the place? Baby? This is what they've been doing all day. Maybe this is what they're doing under all the tables, So we went back and watched. The video is a team of us. We don't see that What we see is typically you're going to find balance. You know, back in his corner. We're coming in through a door and then they get moved in circulated throughout the room. Can't get a little confusing because they have these black containers of balance. They have the U. S postal service containers, But what we're trying to do when we determined that they were being Belle is being pulled out from underneath this table. Is, you know what was the chain of custody? Where did they come from? Who put them there. Those are all good questions on the same questions I had. But then the woman that sent everybody home we found out her name. Her name is Ruby Freeman. Ruby Freeman was also the one who put the table there. And was pulling ballots from underneath the table at about eight o'clock in the morning. We're gonna roll this back and show it to you. There you go. So now they're gonna start pulling these ballots out from under this table. This table. The black one was placed there by the lady with the blond braids at about a 22 A m in the morning, So she put that table there. The same person who stayed behind are the same person who cleared the place out under the pretense that we're going to stop counting is the person who put the table there at 8 22 in the morning. Yeah, I saw four suitcases come out from underneath the table. Suitcases of ballots from underneath the table after the counting was supposed to have stopped after they sent everybody home and they're now estimating bursts up to 18,000 ballots. In those suitcases along If you send a copy that over to build wire place, just ask him just was a favorite of May for like 6 13 right now. Traffic and weather on the threes. Check Whitaker. Good morning. Thank you. Morning pitchy. Already. Baltimore County heading out to a new rock. Washington Boulevard is gonna be close to the Beltway and couple vehicles are involved. Roadblock. Is there Russell Street she coming south of I 95 into the construction area. Russell Street Water View Avenue and Annapolis Road and accident. There appears to be self found Polymer City fire still working, and they're blocking some lanes. Working house fire on the West side. Fulton Avenue at Baker Street. And apparently in that area, there was a power outage and a lot of the street lights are out. And of course, several the traffic lights out as well. There is an accident on the ramp from 95 self to the inner loop of the capital Beltway. With delays beginning south after powder Mill Road. I'm sure quicker with traffic and weather on the threes. We'll talk radio 6 80 wcbm you Nobody see me of Weather Channel forecast We start off cloudy this morning removes in later this afternoon high above.

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