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Try and incorporate that into my routine, and so these are good things for Mitchell Trubisky to learn whether he was the first alternate or maybe Matt Ryan was and didn't want to go. But he's he's there. Right. And Russell was replacing Aaron Rodgers science technically he's starting to come down the list Toronto bits route. So if you you they selected three and Gough and Rodgers out so Wilson would be four. If Matt Ryan was ahead of them five. Mitchell would be number six on the list, which is fine. That's fine. So anyway, three one two three three two three seven seven six is our phone number again, Dan Wieder joins us with the latest on our Pro Bowl bears from Orlando coming up next. Do you have any concerns about Chuck Pagano at all becoming the new DC? I mean, I don't I don't I think he's going to be a little more aggressive than Vic Fangio. I talked to Dan dockage. And he said he covers the colts obviously down there in Indy. And he was not the biggest guy in terms of as a coach. And he's a really good, dude. I look back and they were eleven and five back to back years. They can't be that bad. Wins in the NFL back to back seasons is an easy, and he had a medical issue. Kimia while he was there. There was a lot going on with that team. And oh, by the way, Andrew luck was not getting protected at all, correct? They have completely changed things around that offensive line. They invested in it, and it's paying dividends and luck masala last year with the shoulder we didn't know year for a year ago. If Andrew luck was was really going to be able to play again, correct? Obviously he answered that question. And then some yeah. Effectively very effectively three one two three three two three seven seven six akiem Hicks. He looked like he was having so much fun at the Pro Bowl yesterday, a Danny? And I were looking at a little bit of video of him this morning. He's balancing around like this is what I've always wanted. It was just cool to see. Professional athletes who make stupid money, and they're just like little kids. They're just having fun. But like from akiem Hicks perspective like defensive line. What can you really do in the Pro Bowl like you're already? They're already handcuffed. It's almost it's two hand touch already pretty much. So. It's interesting. What I would like to know the mental process that the players in the trenches go through because like is it is it just like seven on seven. You know, is it. Is it like a walk through what where where do you put the intensity level as you get ready to study? Thank you ratchet up. I don't think you've taken tore it all to get ready to play. No, all right. We're going to take a fast time out. And then we're going to Orlando. Do you have a question you'd like to know about this Pro Bowl process with the bears comment on Mitch Trubisky? Three one two three three two three seven seven six bulls. Beaten soundly by land last night by twenty one. I was down in Peoria. I had the Bradley blow out of Illinois state wall. Were they bad last night? You're an ISU redbird fan. You were not happy with your team last night. They got crushed eighty five sixty eight technical foul, and Dan Muller the shoe coach blue that game open at the end of the first half. They made a run and then Bradley put them away. So interesting stuff three one two three three two three seven seven six. We'll be right back. Silly.

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