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For whatever reason one of those guys. Some personal issues. I'll say that. But as far as watching him as a player always enjoyed watching him play Brett farve Brett farve was just the most fun of ever seen, man. I mean, he was always out there. He told these wacky throws he switching which hand the balls into flick. It he was always smiling. He just loved to play in terms of that raw kid like energy. I dig that about far. And so when he was out there. I watched him I couldn't help. But watch him. I love to watch him. It was just fun. It's what if it was what sports felt like it should be what you saw Brett farve out there. And he's throwing a fifty yard touchdown on play. He had no business making the throw. It was just cool. And I even had his Jersey's a kid is just that big a deal. I was just into that much. And that's pretty cool. And so I love how that works. You see that all the time with kids, right? The number of kids that I've seen in the Philadelphia area. That have jerseys of players bit never played here. Never once never never six or never an eagle never flyer still have jersey. They just they fall through a player. We all do for one reason or another Vince Carter a really popular name. Did I've been getting me? How can you not love Vince Carter? He's just been so much fun to watch over the course of his career. And so for him to still be playing at how old is Vince Carter forty two years old. He's up there, man. He is so up there, but still plays can still Doug. It's just fun. Everybody loves Vince Carter. It's fun to watch Vince Carter I Opie plays until he's fifties. Forty two right now. Apparently, but good for Vince Carter, man. That's that's ozzy's. He's like tunnel star weekend. He's one of the most iconic athletes ever, right? What he did in dunk contests is unforgettable go back. If you've been seen Vince Carter's dunk contest highlights and longtime man, go back and watch him. He got a nice oh Maggi actually this weekend where Diablo from Oklahoma City. He made he jumped over shack to make a dunk. People say all dunk contest is boring. And you know, what there is some junk in it. This dude jumped over shack and did the full elbow in the net dunk. It was crazy. That's a crazy thing to do. We see so many dunks. And since it is the dunk contest. Obviously, you're expecting the guy that dunk the ball. But man when you see that kind of display Rican jump over a guy and put half year arm, literally up to the elbow into the rim while you do it. That's it's absolute insanity. And it goes back to VIN sanity as soon I did there like that. Anyway, Vince, Vince Carter just a totally beloved player never played here. Everybody loves him. So who's that guy for you? Let's go to Steven king of Prussia. Steve. Who's a player? Never played in Philly. Always liked. Barry sanders. Oh, man. Yes. Love. Barry sanders. Yeah. No. He's just a class act. Handing off the ball the refs and the our father. Football wife episode on him. Just the fact he walked away and left people wanting more that's a big part of it. Right. Because there's so many players that play for so long that you almost forget that they were ever good. And then you realize like, oh my God this guy retired. But eight years ago used the best player in the league in for Barry Sanders to just say, you know, what I'm done with this at what thirty years old. It's it's crazy to kind of impact that he's had. And he still gets talked about all the time. Steve. Yeah. It's just you know, he was in the conversation for the best ever instill. Just okay. No. I had enough. The balls that it takes to do that to say, you know, I'm one of the best at my position a making all this money. I'm not necessarily gonna make it anywhere else. And I'm just gonna walk away. Anyway, that's man. That's a kind of choice that not a lot of people have the guts to do. And so from a respect level as well. There's a lot of respect for Barry Sanders have the avenue. I don't know the guts to just walk away. Like, it's amazing. Just such a likable personality to just so mellow. Yeah. I've never heard a bad story about Barry Sanders. Maybe they're out there. But I've never heard anything negative about Barry Sanders. And so it's a great recommendation. Steve I appreciate the call the cool thing about Barry Sanders is that you still get comparisons to him today. Right. When's the last time Barry Sanders? Played I don't even know. I gotta I'm gonna look this up just for fun here. Very Sanders was playing like amused mostly in the nineties, but I don't know if like I don't think he snuck in two thousand or anything like that. But however long ago it's been since Barry Sanders played his last game. So he last played in nineteen ninety eight and he walked away if thirty years old, which by the way, he was one year removed from over two thousand yards rushing. Oh my God. Two thousand fifty three yards rushing eleven touchdowns in ninety seven and ninety eight. He's got basically fifteen hundred yards rushing. That's not to count the receiving yards. That goes with that he just walks away. So even played since ninety eight we still get comparisons. All the time when you talk about a guy that has any sort of moves in different ways. Right. Like loose, Shawn. Mccoy is not Torri Cohen and Dante hall when he was really tearing it up as a kick returner for the chiefs all those years ago and doing just crazy moves who was he compared to bury Sanders. Barry Sanders, just such an iconic fascinating style of running just artistic he was a mesmerizing guy to watch. He had pretty highlights. Some people just have raw force highlights. And it's just the power mazes. You I remember JV and cloudy when he was going to go pro. And you know, what he did? He just he bull people over but Sanders, man, just. Absolutely fun to watch and always joy. Now. We'll get to the Mike trout thing in just a minute. But first let's bring on. Let's bring all Ryan spader. Who also has a guy that he's seen would love to talk about. And Ryan what's up, man? What's happening doing that? Doing good. Thanks for calling in it. The guy who I always love it with Ricky Henderson. And I was fortunate enough to meet Ricky at two years ago, Tim Raines, had me at his hall of fame weekend and have dinner and believe it or not Ricky Henderson was at the table with me. And I'm so nervous to talk. Ricky Henderson because I grew up idolizing the guy dealing sixty six paces at thirty nine years. I like everything about Ricki Henderson's numbers. You look at it. And just go. Oh my God. It's it's just it's one astonishing feat after another. It's incredible. It's funny. You say that because and the reason rock had me at a dinner, which he credits some of the work that I did is getting them some folks and bitter, and I'm telling Ricky Henderson about this after several beers because it gets with with Kirk. Yeah. Ricki? To be a little bit arrogant. But he he was but he almost seemed like a cordial way because it goes to me when I'm telling them about Tim Raines, the stats and stuff that I that I pulled a rock he goes to me got Rick, and I was. So show Ricki Henderson's stuff about his career that I'm assuming he didn't know, and you know, kinda with Tim Raines said on on the book that I wrote that he that Ryan and Kevin Kevin McCall that we had that facts about his own career that he didn't know in in our book. And so I'm telling Ricky Henderson, Ricky Henderson stats in the one in particular. I showed him that. I I was like there's no way you know, that and at the time Ricky Anderson had Eric season. He has the record for leadoff home run. They think it's easy to win at the time. The Mariners had eighty one is a franchise. Eighty one three of them were Ricky Henderson. When Ricky Henderson this. And I'm thinking there's no way that he knows this right? And he looks at my phone, and he does sort of like a double take like shock, and I'm I'm because I'm still Ricky Henderson something bad his career that he didn't know. Right. Yeah. Is my phone back. And he goes Ricky, no all rookie stats. I love that he talks at the third person. I think it's the greatest and like wacky is incredibly charming thing. I it's awesome. Zip throw you off when it's like that what he's talking about himself in the third person. Is that weird to be on the other half of that conversation where it's exactly like you say, it's an era. But it's so charming, Ricky enersen. I mean, he's not he's not a bigger than life. I'm five eight, and he's my height, you know, and just you're sitting across from this guy three thousand fifty five hits one thousand four hundred six stolen bases. And you're just like how is this? Know coming from this guy. My height. Yeah. And the thing is there's something about the steel. Right. Having a guy who's an artist at a steel, it's an appealing thing because it's such a fun. Exciting sexy play that when you get a guy, and you say, oh, man, look at the way that he can run the base path. It's just a it's naturally a lawyering. Isn't it? Yeah. And that was the thing with Ricky Anderson was really at sixty seven triples. And you think a guy like that? Out more than that. But I guess the idea was that Ricky would rather single or walk, and then, you know, steal second and third generator triple in it. It was really exciting. Eat broadening baseball for. I don't know what was his career including the minor leagues that he spend something like twenty five years, and he did it better than anybody in history. You know, something that was really. Just about everybody. I mean, you look at like Taikang. Lou Brock back when the stolen base was like a thing in baseball. And you know, it was really being phased out towards I guess the middle toward the end Ricky under career, but he's still doing it with the pencil. Yeah. And he's got a record that man. A lot of his records. Just might they might never get touched. I I'm inclined to agree with you. Because I like I said, I think the stolen base is really phased out. It's it's pretty well known that if you're not doing up around eighty percent success rate that up, you know, your cost in your team by taking that attempt in, you know, you don't really get guys doing that who were attempting one hundred thirty stolen bases. One hundred six whatever it was what he had to record. What he stole one thirty you. You don't really get that anymore. At all. Yeah. It's it's just evaporated from the game. It feels like. And so, and that's why it's great to go back and think about Ricky Henderson and talk about it. So Ryan, I appreciate you calling in to talk about a man. Hey, thanks for having me. Guess. Yes. You'd think take it easy. That's Ryan spader. Checking in and. Yeah, he he wrote a book eat very big on Tim Raines and helped him get into the hall of fame. One of those guys is just sat around for years and never got in. It's always good to hear those stories about those guys who have waited for so long and never made the hall of fame, and they might be guys that you just love watching. And so yeah, congratulations to him that helped get a guy in and then meet Ricky Henderson, pretty cool. So I'm Vince Quinton for Joe Gilio, by the way, if you want to get in eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four pound nine four nine four hundred eighteen Verizon wireless cellphones is how.

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