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John Austin did a great job in fire. I love the book this time again. Not as much as earlier issues but I think John De Grace what he had and again. this is we're used to water elemental aid this point. I would want to be when it came out. I was hoping to what Alimentos going to be a typhoon who predecing character but the new one. They wanted a female character. I guess anyways is talking about the jazz directive. They say next. What's going to wrap up the comments on the Janus directive but again just another great issue of suicide squad? Check me was fantastic as always. I love these books. Just fantastic but you know what? It's been a little run hour and a half. I've been rent not ratting on Raven Raven talking about this stuff. Not Round ribbon so much by the talking about these books for an hour and a half or so so we're going to go ahead and I'm going to call it quits for today. We are check me. We had our character profile. We got the suicide squad. Got The PROMOS and other way. I guess that's going to do it. Be sure to join US next month. As We hit our fiftieth issue fifty issue fifty episode of Task Force X icon at peacemaker female. Fury's again it's issue. Twenty three a piece of check mate. Which kind of a peacemaker focused one where character profile of Albertine stock? And we're GONNA have suicide squad thirty five plus we're also. I can conjure up in the next month so on their casinos by Big Fiftieth episode. So be sure to join us but until then squad mates dismissed. Thank you for listening to another great episode of Task Force. Nex I also down rambling on my main head cast them head speaks where rant and rave about movies comics. Geek stuff in whatever is bugging me crazy. The joke well. I try boomer button anyways in my home on the Internet is it head speaks DOT COM.

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