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Where are people vacationing? Instead of Hawaii? In Europe. We will discuss the remote yet fairly close destinations in about five minutes. CBS News Times 3 15 time for its time out for sports is what we're gonna do right now is we checked back with Kevin Radish Inn have another member of the ST Louis Cardinals pitching staff not opting out? Yeah, Jordan Hicks is his name. He throws routinely over 100 miles an hour. He is one of their Closers. He's opted out, citing pre existing health concerns. A 23 year old was diagnosed in high school is having type one diabetes, so he is done by the way had Tommy John surgery. June of last year. His status for this season was uncertain. But he was participating in workouts at Busch Stadium before he decided to shut it down over in Oakland at the A's camp first baseman. Mandelson says he's happy with how this camp has gone after the initial delays. Says. The big adjustment is, you have to get your work in quicker. There's less time in the cage, etcetera. As for the season ahead, hey says they can't afford that patented Oakland a slow start. Now we know that the star has been great past couple years, but No, we're bringing back the same team. Come on back to back 97 win seasons. We know what kind of team we got. No, If anything we've gotten better from last year, so I think you know, we we know there's no doubt in my mind the club that we are and we know that we got we got to come out. No hot early and make a run out. Yeah, the A's will play the Giants by the way and back to back exhibition games and next Monday night at 6 40 at the Coliseum, then next Tuesday night at 6 45 at Oracle Park, the first game's going to be aired on NBC Sports California The Tuesday night game will be on NBC Sports Bay Area and the A's will provide audio broadcast for those games on their tune in AP, and Russell Westbrook, superstar guard for the Houston Rockets, announced that he has tested positive for covert 19. We'll have more on that coming up next time. At the sports desk. Kevin Radic, KCBS progressive presents the.

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