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FOX six, news around, one o'clock this morning It started in Milwaukee where there, was, a carjacking near thirty first in Sheridan The FOX report indicates that the suspects who are juvenile's two of them one at a gun. Approached the victim and demanded they tried to hold the person on the street They got the person's car keys and they took off of the person's car about an hour later After a police broadcast was put out describing the stolen vehicle Police spotted the vehicle out there on the. Road now let me interject from talking to some police officers this happens all the time When people steal these cars. In the past I. Can tell you what always used to, happen in the past the past they often headed to the chop shop that's what was done what. I say the past I'm talking but, I cut my teeth on stuff like this. In, the eighties and the nineties cars are stolen they. Went to the chop shop Because. A stolen car is essentially useless Because, it stop you it's not like okay you can then drive that around and do whatever you want. With it because it's a stolen car stolen cars are essentially useful to be Settled for parts. Or maybe put on something van say ship it overseas or something not anymore stolen cars now are stolen. For the purposes, of, driving around in the car and or stealing other cars the number is stolen cars that are running. Around at our area is just unbelievable And that's because the people stealing the KYW's right now don't seem. To think they're going to get in trouble for stealing cars the mistake they make And it's now a new one is that most police agencies will chase if they. Believe that the car was taken at. Gunpoint a carjack car is different than what. It what you simply, somehow break into the car and take offer somebody leaves the leaves the keys Ed so the KYW was spotted an hour later. They driving around it A. Pursuit begins and again the new Milwaukee. Police policy is unlike the old policy where. They didn't pursue pursue This word has gotten out of the car thieves because they, run why did they run they run. Because they figure. Nobody's gonna, chase while the police did chase the Senator the crash this morning and whitefish bay.

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