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Forty five to go three thousand Wildcats dance working against livers. Now part of the top of the key to his right top. Now Taylor step back three straight on. God. It Ryan Taylor with his first points. This half is four three quarters of the game. That's the eighth time this year. He's hit three or more for the Wildcats at sixty one forty eight back to a thirteen point game nine eighteen to go. Caskey? Fires it left to Matthew top Caskey routed right Simpson. I don't think you want to see pesky start shooting threes. I his his odds already have run out. There's a Simpson. Just good one on one play there. Pick up the foul on Nance. Third on now. See nancy? No, he didn't follow. Simpson. Just lost the ball you watch it. You're right. He didn't follow. But they did call a foul. Fifty fifty six percent free throw shooter. We had two shots here. I was so psyched out last year. He started bouncing the ball was trying all kinds of different mechanics, but looks a little simpler this year, but they're fortunate in that when he lost. He just lost the ball out of bounds. Another one coming here for Xavier Simpson. This one is no good. And the rebound. Grab pie. I still think you're seeing growth at Pete Nance to him a Cup holder. They're getting better each game Taylor. Looking by four Nance, sixty to forty eight Michigan a high lot just we said that try to get at the Taylor and meet over through. And here's pool the other way too. Sensibilities third three. Sixty five forty eight thirty two to go terrible pass by Nancy where he was looking allowed to Taylor. Is danced Luxottica four top bounces to Turner, pardon with it the three point line part and hands top top runs into testy drops it underneath back door. Nets layup good. Freshman freshman their top finance sixty five fifty I got one more Draper party body. Let it let them go on more. He thought about it. I I just play way off which they normally do. Now the quarter livers for three. That's a weapons. Sixty eight fifty Vichy get seven thirty eight to go second three of the game for liberals. Alcopop? Protect the ball from pool bouncing pardon works his way against pesky spins to his right..

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