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Why did you keep leaving like what what was it? He said I kept coming back. He called me Plum. He was kept coming back Plum. Oh, we couldn't get that thing. Right. But I always wanted to cut desk where I wanted to be Joe, mama. And with my kids. That's where I wanted to being for some reason couldn't get it. Right. But I want you to know that's where a wanted to be. So I kept coming back. Oh. That meant everything to me. You know, as sometimes that's how love is. They get on your nerves, but you, but this I want to be that idea. Like, I want to be with you. Yeah. In a lot of this plays out on your reality show where Campbell's, and I like what you've read an interview where you said, it's it's something to see your life played back. Yeah. In the lessons. You talk about that. I mean, I never thought about in that context like you have this stuff. But then there it is because we don't have that opportunity to get that time back. But you see it you you hear yourself say stuff, but to watch it into watch how they respond to what you say all that hurt. You know what I mean? Like, I'm sure some of these kids who, and I guess, they're not all ks. But people who warn reality shows when you watch Beckett has to do something to you. When you see yourself being foul, and if you have a good heart, you go Tang on when that's not what I was trying to do, you know, we were just talking about yesterday. Like when you're doing interviews and stuff, and it's like, you can't walk that stuff back and it's Lang, but that's famous. You said it it out there, you know, and you could talk about editing yet. But you said it said, I don't know what you said before after. But you that you did say, you know, and you have to deal with that stuff. And because you have relationship when the cameras go off it allows you to get it. Right. I remember when me and Tina were doing the show that was really hard can imagine. Because that was one reality show was the beginning of me being honest about what I didn't like about Mary Mary. You know what I mean? 'cause when your sisters, you know, oh, girl, just keep going you say stuff and hurts, you know. And she called me one time she was like air cadet just didn't feel good. And you said it over and over, and I was like my bad. Sorry. You know? So we had to sit together and watch it, you know. So I can we can talk each other through. Listen, look at me, this was with this type. You know, how feel now though, and somebody's gonna learn something best story ever was to older ladies, we saw sixty seven and sixty five. They hadn't talked in four years. Friends sisters, sisters blood sisters. They hadn't talked him for years. And they watched the episode where we went to therapy Amancio, saying, you know, some stuff just don't work for me. No more and she says she decided to call her sister. And they started watching the show in mended. Their relationship just off of watching us. Be honest hard thing to do. But I'm glad it served a purpose in some kind of way. Now, I know some people got real man, some people don't like me some people don't like Tina Chow. You. What I do love is. How honest you and Warren are on the show. There was a part where there was an episode of he talked about married people having sex, and that was like this so many boundaries that too if you push from the gospel community, and maybe people feel like what we shouldn't be talking about that. What you he talked about like, you know, INA marriage. You should be having sex. See? And then there was just, you know, the time where you talked about, you know, you contemplated haven't suicide. And then just you've been so honest on the show, and is that that's just how you live your life is a believe until telling much Ruth..

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