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All right that's fine but it got me thinking because there are a lot of shows out there that just are probably cancelled and it really irritates me because there are some good shows that like now i look at a company like netflix and netflix how much they spend on original programming every year billions right they just pour money netflix is no longer a movie distributor netflix isn't original content house and they spend billions on movies and tv shows and some of them hit some of them are great some of them are awful like their marvel tv shows great some of the other ones will name the by name not so good but they waste a lot of money on shows that go nowhere here's my idea for show a twenty four episode season that is divvied up into four episode arcs and what those arcs are are four episodes of a show that needs to be concluded so how many shows have you watched out there that ended in cliffhangers i can think of one off the top of my head deb watched the unit was big fan of the unit dennis hayes burt from major league app he was good scott foley was in that movie was like a military movie i loved i watched every week it was on cbs i think for a while that ended with a big cliffhanger we didn't know what was going to happen the wife left dennis as birch wife left the thing was still going on major clipping doing google search of other shows like that go back to the nineties alf and declare cliffhanger it did or surrounded by the the alleyen unit whatever was i'd no idea that show got that heavy it.

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