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Big e langston. I'm not gonna fan boy. Any of those guys are not gonna fan. Boy drew mcintyre. You know but back in the day. When i was just a young kid like macho man randy savage and then when he brought up miss elizabeth and introduced him ashes manager and introduced her as manager. Well that was it for me. It was like yeah as a thirteen fourteen year. Old kids to solve miss elizabeth for the first time. It was like yeah okay. That's my favorite wrestler. That's my man. That's my guy randy savage and the promos that he gave the way that he brought beater and all those types of things at that time like. Oh yeah that's my guy you know you can take the players vitamins and all that bullshit and hulkamania and you show it up your ass. I don't need that nonsense. You give me the million dollar man. Ted debate you give me ricky to drag the steamboat. And you give me the macho man randy savage and all right in the world with me. He'll or face really didn't matter. I love them. I love them all even though very few times. That i don't think ricky drag ricky steamboat ever turned heel. And i don't think that ted diaz-balart turned face but even the back and forth that the the macho man had that was that was a guy that was my man wrestlemainia. Three wrestlemainia five randy savage the legend. So this upcoming sunday night forward to watching that documentary. Wendell's world sports. I'm your host the wall wallace so glad that you could be with a soap. Maybe that's one of the reasons. Why i'm in such hip parade type of mood today but Yeah i will get to some stuff about the about what's happening in the world of sports right now get the. Nfl teams are starting to make trades to improve their squads. Were less than twenty four hours and terms of win. The nfl draft is going to be starting tomorrow looking forward to it. Looking for the tunnel will be sitting in my hotel room. Mesquite nevada trying to find out. Exactly what the san francisco forty niners you're gonna do. The atlanta falcons are gonna do what the denver broncos now. We're going to do now. That they acquired teddy bridgewater. Who's going to be making a play for justin fields. Who's could be making the move or trey lance basically what what situation is always going to be so there's some intrigue there's some interest in this upcoming nfl draft and it's also nice the fact that the quarterbacks ugly at the central part of the play of this drama that they're going to be the the stars of the show. So that's gonna make for more intriguing type of atmosphere drama up there in cleveland and me watching from my hotel room up here up there in biscay- tomorrow and you know exactly what's going to be happening. What's going to be going down..

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