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Of those men in the car were killed hernandez is already serving life for another murder house speaker paul ryan his following the leader the white house saying nothing new has been learn from the fb_i directors testimony on russia we have an investigation has been going on and then tuscany there's one it's really we're going to get to the bottom things all things russia at the i director james comey confirming an investigation into alleged to collision between the trump campaign in russia while the also rick checked it president trump's assertion that former president obama ordered wire tapping it trump tower last fall well the search is off it's the sound of the search being called off right there floyd fisher wildlife says that they're stopping efforts to find the michael de cobro and made a skates from a home enough talent this it's possible it's still inside the home hiding in a pipe to stay warm but they don't know for sure so that should help you sleep better at night especially if you're in putnam county and not to make all of us feel old but on this day twenty years ago scott the movie leier leier debuted in peters member that one jim carry playing a lawyer suns birthday wish comes through and then he physically can't tell ally i just figure we have a little moment and realize how old li all the i movies twenty years old today i wish i were is all these you young man by the way the sound of the people will you know calling off the search for the cole backup that was interesting is that it's all flee like the sound a president trump on capitol hill this morning writer he hears them calling officer very interesting yeah presents run in a now i see the difference the area you thank you it's twelve fifty six now we've got seventy seven degrees era dude ninety six five of you d be on sunday in on the warm side this afternoon highs around eighty three tonight mostly clear we're down a fifty eight a nice night and tomorrow eighty six degrees mostly sunny will see about forty percent chance of showers by thursday brian she'll and right now now thoughts brings we got seventy seven it's now seventy eight degrees and sunshine i don't mind as severe whether station jack your bryant is been is the she's out with the same ted security wrestler triple team.

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