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To marry de pompa, the WTO traffic center. All right, Mark, only a few things could take you by surprise. Currently, we're doing well on the outer loop of the beltway, it is sluggish now, green belt on working toward 95 passing route one. We believe our sweeping crew has disbanded for now. This is a residual delay, same on the Baltimore Washington Parkway as you head northbound. It is slow off of the beltway through green belt getting past NASA Goddard, but whatever police action should be on the shoulder. Now the outer loop of the beltway slowing out of Maryland across the American legion bridge once in Virginia, Georgetown pike. It was due to the four 95 next work blocking a left lane. That worked too, expanding the George Washington Parkway, slowdowns in both directions between the beltway and one 23, and he work zones there, a single lane getting through, and farther south on the George Washington Parkway passing one 23 as separate zone with a single lane getting by, we're checking in on 66 doing pretty well eastbound toward the beltway we're supposed to get a mobile crew they're scheduled to be along the right side. Nothing currently showing on 95 between Fredericksburg de beltway, three 95 across the 14th street bridge only hitting the brakes at the cave bridge toward main avenue on three 95 Southwest freeway where we had a work zone, haven't gotten the all clear. North on the third street tunnel to get to New York avenue, heavy and slow outbound New York, at New Jersey. That's where the work zone is located south on I two 95, it's work passing the 11th street bridge and toward the suitland Parkway, only a single lane gets you through. If you're looking for a safe used car if it's filled automobile has hundreds of good cars trucks and SUVs and next to a new car, a fits way used car is best, visit fit small dot com today, Mary de pompa WTO P traffic. Chad Merrill has our forecast. You could have a round of showers and thunderstorms, early this afternoon, any rain would be very short lived, the sun comes out, the winds will

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