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Mo Lopez is the former 135 pound champion. He is now one and O at a 140 pounds and will go for his second straight win on Saturday when he takes on Sandra Martin at the theater at Madison Square Garden. That's a fight you could watch on ESPN immediately after the Heisman ceremony and to femo is back on the show. So damn, will you just tell him you're feeling pretty good right now, headed at this fight? I am. I am, man. I'm truly excited about this upcoming fight against senator Martin. You know, he has definitely the skill sets to give me a tough fight and I'm looking forward to really challenging myself, come December 10th. So why are you excited about this particular fight? Well, this was the fight that we wanted at the time because everyone else was occupied with other dance partners. You know, and you know, so this was the best opportunity. You know, this is somebody that definitely came out of a, you know, he pulled a big upset, you know, he kind of disrupted it a little bit of the boxing game and you know this guy came out of the blue. You know, he decorated fighter. One of the best Mexican fighters that we've seen of this era Mikey Garcia for divisional champion. And you know, he did what he had to do. So I think this is a great great step up. I'm glad that things turned out the way it did. And you know, we wish nothing but the best for Jose pedraza. We wish him health. You know, we understand he had non COVID symptoms, but this was the guy that we originally wanted, and we got him. Yeah, I was at that fight in Fresno when Martin beat Mikey Garcia and that was a shocking and upset as I've seen in a while.

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