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Arthur has bad as birthday just bad have verde okay you know good good to see brazil emma but he's still allowed in a mob or i'm just saying if you want big can i can put together heist in and get the trophy na na na skies we have a beautiful trophy sitting around the corner if you want to go up to the i was not bad guys wanna go over there is the glass wall yeah or the football yet the billing the blingbling way better than the nutro feed labeling gray gambling blaze terrible the at us the different khanna was that tiffany's igf yeah you ask the at whatever it's like basically a big deal dough yet another i actually thought there was like vaginal what you here has got the stitches that to hit that atl you give birth title lost itself adam no parts of not going to hurt discount so it's a real quick let's let's jump into where at right now um i remember last year about this time you were thinking about playing up in canada for while he had like a hamstring injuries i'm like yeah is that door still open now i mean you know anything happen you know when you are agent named least number that guy is the man show me the money these demands are you know you just gotta stay ready and you never know what's going to happen but that window has close what i really did had a good time doing canada so um can gain etienne's a my yera arrogance ferulic writers rate aware evergrowing agree cup yet allow us that was a different but holds all different yeah those hacks his football uh so so you're saying the your officially retired yeah over breaking news right now well i mean i'm planned flag football elga planned pickup basketball you and you play vlad flag football with like kids a texas yom all around and then also zilin uh the the pros and cons do you afc e v o airfield doing right now so i'm a be appointed at too hopefully we could take down might via can ocho in teo those guys met hope we hope we plan do you just dominate when he play pick up basketball unflappable i'd do okay that's like that's like were the one thing i always think about like athletes who may be.

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