North Korea, Mr Kim Jong, Mr Jones discussed on America Tonight with Kate Delaney


About a country which appears to have procured after thousands unlikely over ten thousand centrifuges or their parts so the scales if totally different and this'll only about centrifuge h e u highly enriched uranium program we have plutonium we have who arranged bus missiles chemical weapons programme biological weapons programs we have no credible information but they had the capabilities so we took out i'll leave you a model that rewards ask her the socalled the cpi complete verifiable erie irreversible disarmament we were just talking about the scale of nine months intensive part lebron disarmament process to only nine months from january through september two thousand but in the case of north korea i'm not aware of any experts who expecting to see their intensive parts of the summit to be completed in less than five years they're diesel imperial may takes over more than five years maybe prison trump may not be there and i'm sure primis how they will not be there so how do you assure mr kim jong that we're going to reward you after all disarming process and i'm sure that my successors and by the way youth congress fisher golfer carry on this commitment i think it's a very big pill for mr jones to swallow once in a people completely forget about is i hear so many concerns about north korea our proposal will step by step approach enabling this creating gauging salami slice cutting negotiation techniques and we should be killed about that i understand that but there is a significant difference about the situation in north korea north korea today and ten years ago today those career is wrapped literally by layers of sanctuary james sanction regimes us sanctuary james you sanctuary james and other regimes we have solve any sanctuary james surrounding north korea but now currently we have only discussion about whether we do nothing until the total definitive completed or everything up after the total disarmament so this this advantage which didn't the goal we have we only basically talking to this.

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