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Uh well there's like four episodes and i'll don't think any them ones about uh star wars which actually seems interesting ones that he man ones bad gi joe and i forget what the other ones about maybe barbie okay okay um you're not gonna to alan because it's for girl for girls you know weve what if uh my bros walk in on me an ideal you watch bobbie no the steal your hat never get it back i was just watching it for can nobody knows hanoi's in like tough i had a candle when i was a boy did you yeah mmhmm is like a surfer can or something that's pretty cool yeah did you have him play in interact with the he man folk uh yeah but he was too tall yeah not nearly as muscular though okay so there's uh so they live on attorney ah yes which may be a plan it may be in a different having think in the thing it's in our dimension but he man was an animated planet mom is in earthling like you are i accept the lady inspirational yet to aspirin um i hope to where they give birth to a he man for plan yeah i could see that happening but his mom must have been a queen when she went to the new planet i forget what she kidnapped uh i mean i think that's the implication okay so in evil king from a turn yeah okay now i'm sorry i really never have seen an episode of he man here's my thing about all these like so when i was a kid i these are the like when i was really young these are the cartoons i with like and watch um he man silver hawks even her.

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