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The offer expires today little village lot lot of people that are with us professor your need with the good info yes maybe I'm crazy one is a good chance you are but not on this but not about the wiring was that not about selling your car call me crazy Rebecca anchorage what's going on high hi great show thank you what do you think it's a great what's your I totally agree with her okay I think the Democrats should follow by choose a Democrat revisions that all of us I know but I think the Democrats should follow her advice this is just appropriate March stop making the baby's Democrats what where the world's gonna be fine what's killing them I hear you Rebecca I appreciated very smart see Rebecca mail that I think possibly mailed it robin Kalamazoo a B. C. D. E. F. G. H. gotta go eight in Kalamazoo zoo right robin you don't say it absolutely and I remember you as an anchor your jaw lawyer phase of your life you do not remember the six W. W. and I was there died Monday through Friday absolutely I will thank you Robert I hi I had a little baby and so I'd wake up with in the morning and what I want you yeah I remember those days I had a great time I appreciate that thank you and I'll get back to Kalamazoo okay yeah and I I a well I work at a of a very famous breweriana mature guide so I can give you back behind the scenes sure it was done I don't know who to talk to god I would love that Hey and I can send you the article that I was reading is very interesting because there are a number of things that I was reading about the fight if scientists including NASA scientists of reasons that are going to affect things in the earth that have absolutely nothing to do with people if such as the temperature of the fun for a period of time is going to be getting cooler and a former player activities going to change and it's gonna be similar to I think was back in the fifteen hundred there was a mini I stayed for they're talking about that that has nothing to do with us right although the magnetic field magnetic pole is moving something like thirty miles every year so they're having to change the GPS coordinates and things like that and now I have nothing to do with us as well as the strength of the magnetic field right so so so so toward sites out there that says this is all bunk but we're supposed to ignore that and listen to this lady to stop making babies because we got mad at the low cost of all ills in the world apparently self and I can I email you that article if you would you be interested no I'd love to see robin said the two good good job had dot com click on the email Lincoln center right over okay Saddam from Kalamazoo and you'll notice all right robin is how bout that Kerry that's awesome had a baby would wake up with new with tags he and how's your marker the time marker and any religion ball boys we had a good time we had a good time there is a end of the year blooper tape that we made on channel three that year that was never a would never be seen by the public I don't think of it maybe they posted on a Facebook site now but it's really pretty funny I like to say that it wasn't really got to look for is like the morning show none of them now you show actually did a little skit okay there was a disk it we're making fun of ourselves it was hilarious I was of course the big giant ego we really played on and was yeah it was very funny I'm afraid to show it to you as a very young and impressionable I had not been solely by the lucky you none of this happened really thank you very well how the show to use of yeah I want to see that let me go go back to the full life is going to be Kyle in Austin Kyle talk to me yes she the first thing that came to my mind yeah Jones she's a modern day John why but as long as she takes the first step the right and that will take you cal you're right those who don't know Jim Jones a what he called Jonestown yeah he was the leader of of these people are called and he killed eight or nine hundred people by making them drink literally drink poison Kool aid they all would drink it go lay down and die and then by the end of it he ended up dead too but you'll notice he didn't forget first and it's always what it is like what you're about murder suicide and I think this is a valid comparison you know I've always said only to commit suicide I don't you to die but if you're planning on killing other people then killing yourself do the last the first because that would make the world a better place this woman is advocating for people to stop what we want the human race to be extinct and she's in the human race that's the the the clear sign shes crazy she is no less crazy than Jim Jones was you remember that in a guy over that yeah I do and the world was we saw the pictures of it was nuts I end and you just couldn't wrap your brain around it but again let me say this again if you're the leader of a cult that thing so your people need all die to get some sort of freedom lead the way die first and then maybe we could save some lives because they're not gonna drink the Kool aid and this is what is what is the one that she's going to call it it is eight nine four one tags eight eight nine four one seven two four seven job had dot com well we take a break we're gonna come back and have chip royal and district twenty one Republican the great state of Texas gonna talk about impeachment can the the present record be expunged can that happen also we're gonna talk about the budget give her books about the budget for me yet we'll dive into that when we come back there W. 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