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What word the common sense play into it and no one looks at cupboard people look at policy people look at success people look at at the foundation of of who someone is and that's where that's where joe locke it screwed up that's where robert screwing up you're not looking at the policies you're looking at the color you're looking at at the peripheral you're not looking at what is going on right now what he's what look all the stuff that don't did with the black community for the black community before he got into office every black person loved and then you had rapid rapping about it but once he got into office and he got on the republican ticket it was like oh my goodness we've got step of the way from this guy he's he's done off the plantation very much like everyone with until people stop seeing color and stop using color to make an argument which going back to robert where we don't forget that's your problem robert you don't forget you keep going back in calling up the pat you going back in schooling in chains up and hold it up for everybody to see break away from those saints day gonna stop seeing my color and let's look at who jesus christ is doesn't say any color and calls all of us to be his children to walk in unison that's why these trips down there birmingham that's why they are walking away from cross because they don't want to have unity god calls for units and because of the previous taller it's all about finding if you're not trusting god with your finances you're not trusting god with your salvation because guess what if you're trusting your salvation your trusted them with everything your food your house your children your.

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