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Yeah thanks for taking my call you know it's middle of ramadan right now where the muslims are fasting and that's kinda getting into my bailiwick not bragging or anything i used to do a lot of fasting longer fasting twenty thirty even forty days and you know what i don't think the muslim wait i don't think the way they're doing it is the most beneficial i suppose it would be if know one has to work to you know if if one's doing longer fasting say anything over four days or you know i like seven to ten days is probably good but one needs to be able to just lay down if they have to and drink a lot of water and things like that and people don't under see there's books read i studied the only reason i was able to do what i was able to do was i i studied it guys like professor arnold era and there's others who tell you how to see the body has friction in it right and and there's certain types of dietary disciplines where one can reduce the friction in the body so it doesn't require as much energy there isn't as much damage of doesn't need as much pro team tom tom just real quick is the reason that that by the way thank you for your call the reason that the muslims vast it's not for health reasons as part of their religious ritual and you know what i don't mind that fast because that means there's more lamb for me if they wanna fast have added and you know what i will sit there and talk to him about why they fast what they get from it what benefit what this current i'm happy to have that conversation with them here here's the thing is the democrat party doesn't want us talking to each other and crossing those lines and finding out about other people they say they want us learn other cultures but you go to the university of michigan and they say we want diversity of thought as long as you think like we think right exactly.

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