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Are you stick gates at the botanical gardens for instance and it was like the like the cotonou even and in that state i wasn't thinking what i would normally think what darwin the end that life in a state in nature light iin nasty brutish in short most peaches and bowen into the living world today her a pretty pretty grim short lives lots of the time but no it was a at a magical a magical imagine adjecto place and in principle as any right there's no reason why life could be like that old with time well where are you so optimistic that this won't wind up in some kind of brave new world scenario where drugs and what have you are used to distract people from actual social injustice and suffering in the world yeah i wouldn't want to sound pollyannaish thirith housman one ways things could conceivably go wrong but focusing just on the issue of social justice may recall how embrace the world eyes sammak have this rule that this role of in the case of the delta's epsilon some the like making them contented with their inferior social social roland life from but other things being equal making people happy ah uh raising vakii donny set point is a recipe for reducing subordinate behavior a higher hit on set point is a is a recipe for active citizens it tends to be a loan move that is associated with subordination and defeat but simply raising people's hitomi set point with a drugs so oil gene therapy or combination of the two isn't diet self light each make a small vulnerable to manipulation by the ruling elites the there's a pretty deeply embedded idea in culture that a certain amount of human suffering is that a certain amount of suffering is definitively human.

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