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You see this. Data that detract you will be wondering. Is it a sports arena? You know so lead to L. maintained tracking may be simple, but at least velodrome in Bombay. Desperately required relative in Bombay. So that brings me to a question, which I'm sure many would be having. Of course. Cricket and football right now. Other top sports in India which are in the media out of the limelight. Wiser cycling doesn't get that gig mission. If you see violence fight football, Nyu even your. Cooking. You know so, if you actually analyze what hours and it all depends on the governing body holiday presenting the sport. They're selling the sport to this sort of. You know when you have properly organized eventually. People. Properly and Properly. You know proper calendar, and these things so good at coming in. That's the time when you will have property. It's coming you good performances. Scored? You know even badminton over me. Because basically, the governing bodies are doing a good job, done is the most important thing if the governing body is i. don't have the correct intentions like. Body, Bend, the problem. Is that the sports. and. Olympic sports. Yeah and I people are interested now. The problem is that the amount of people I mean were interested League. who go out and buy costly bikes? Have drastically increased, do not. People are interested people like cycling, but sadly I think we got to sort out our mess. Yeah, so, is there a way for privatization Bakley's? Because we have seen backload bicycle championship taking place every single year. We have seen management W as. In Boone taking this, we have seen the sugar. End The to the power which excludes in. Gujarat so these are some very very head evens. Isn't this the way to go? If the governing is not holding any rents? That's the way to go because. See like. When my Parents Association Democracy Cycling Association man's Me From Radio only I could get. Racing is I was lucky enough? The people organized to. Not Be, racing right now and banderas a fantastic. Fantastic job I went for the nationals. Impressed by how these guys work, and you can see that it's it's. Actually Passion for the sport you know the actual passion for the sport are not do to make money out of and. That's very very important. you start passionate organizer one at all right now. The people are holding onto the association poster now holding onto. Post to our other in the association earlier..

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