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To seventy number to call hit us up on Twitter, Instagram at attaches and the Musso. So we kick off this second hour run around the National Football League a little bit as we have a good week fourteen after the Thursday night game against putting our rear view mirror and the tremendous performance by Derrick Henry for the Tennessee titans last night as he runs for two hundred thirty eight yards and four touchdowns as the titans have their way with the Jacksonville Jaguars or win that game by three touchdowns going away thirty to nine when you run around the league, and you look at the match ups this weekend it cash. It's interesting. L begin our journey in Cleveland Browns and Panthers. Why are you going to say Brown's Panthers? Carolina's six six you look at the Cleveland Browns are four seventy one Browns coming off a loss in which Mayfield in Cleveland. We turn the football over left and right last week down in Houston against the Texans. I bring that up because know, the Carolina Panthers have taken on water here and not just a little bit of water. I mean bucketloads of water. The past few weeks to ride the losing streak. You've got a lot of people questioning whether or not Ron Rivera is going to be the coach this season after maybe what an essence could be a collapse. She's taken over some of the defensive play calling as well, which has been which has been an issue for Carolina. They're nowhere near the defense. They once were you've got a quarterback also deal with a shoulder injury. I mean, there are massive issues in Carolina ordeal with a sore shoulder. I should say there are massive issues. Data Carolina with the Panthers right now. And none of it is working not even Graham Gano is struggled any across the board. The bottom is just dropped out on this team. When we thought that they were gonna stay neck and neck with the saints and be one of the best teams in the NFC. And now they might not even make the playoffs. And I don't think Cam is the number one problem, but whatever's going on that shoulder is probably cannot for the ball down the field with accuracy at the very least. Now, there's no Greg Olsen McCaffrey has been the only consist. Good weapon. He's been remarkable. Especially the last couple of weeks in terms of catching the ball and running it. But they don't they don't have a solution right now. And the end that the problem, I guess to why Cam maybe does indirectly become the number one problem. It doesn't sound like there's a return to health in his future. Sounds like something that's going to nag the rest of the way then in the off season. Who knows what's needed to really truly fix it? Hopefully for him. It's just rasp. But you know, if he's now a month into this where he's not him. And they haven't figured out how to maximize what he can do within that offense. I mean there there's some trouble. They are. Let's go to Green Bay next. How about Packers and falcons going to say, well, I mean two teams where the seasons are lost to the Atlanta Falcons are four and eight they've underwhelmed they've dealt with a with a number of injuries this year team. That was expected to be postseason contender in the NFC is nothing of the sword. As we go into week fourteen. And you look at the Green Bay Packers. Is that it will now be coached by Joe Philbin on interim basis as they fired their head coach Mike McCarthy after last week's loss at home to the Arizona Cardinals. I bring that up. But I mentioned the name Mike McCarthy for a reason because reports came out yesterday, I think this is the was the correct and right decision with what happened last week in the firing of McCarthy, what was it around six o'clock six thirty three hours after the game. So maybe it was around seven o'clock then a last Sunday night. Mike McCarthy had walked into a room was quickly told that he was going to be fired is going to be coach of the Green Bay. Packers had no time to address his team had no time to address his coaching staff. So the Green Bay Packers. And this is what shows you their class organisation. They allowed McCarthy to come back in addresses coaches address, the players as well talk about his passion for them is passion for football. I think that is. I think that that is a strange decision to make Joe Philbin was behind was all supportive of it the interim coach and was a part of McCarthy. Staff awhile back in this year as well. I think it was the right call by Green Bay to do that. I kind of think it was the right call from the beginning to do what they did. I know people you guys have gone back and forth on this too. And basically everybody has whether or not they did right by him by firing him in season. And I kind of think let them go home and not have to sit through. Like, he he was getting fired. Right. He wasn't coming back to be their head coach next year. That's gonna be the writing on the wall. So why not? Pull the trigger. Let them go home. Let them Rask get out of here out the stupid questions all the time about Aaron Rodgers and their relationship and why the team can't win football games. So I I didn't think they did wrong by him. To begin with. I thought letting him stay there as a lame duck was a bigger issue. But now at least. After that decision to let them come back and not once but twice to do all of this. I think the Packers have shown that that they have still all the respect for Mike McCarthy and the players like to to let them come back and do it and not, you know, escort him out with. For I mean Super Bowl when he coached a firearm during the course of the year, and I get it. But like he also now can go home, and relax, Sean and. In this nonsense. So I didn't he I didn't think that they really screwed him by canning amid season. No, no. I I don't think so either I don't I thought it was probably time to go. When you lose a game at home to Arizona and your two touchdown favorite. And you question whether or not you're going to be in their serious reservations whether or not you're going to be a coach after the season, Andrew. Probably not. I think they made the right call getting rid of them. I I have no issue with that. I just thought they should have given them an opportunity to address the team, right and address the coaches, and he returned to lambofield on two occasions this week in order to do that. I think that's the right thing to do allow him. If you're gonna if you're gonna save them the embarrassment of coaching the last four weeks when he's a lame duck coach at least give him the opportunity to say goodbye to his team and address the team before he goes on vacation wherever you might be. Right. And then it did that. And now they move on to maybe lose to the falcons on Sunday. Yeah. They could they conceivably could be is. There is a lot of issues in level right now be interesting to see where they go as as the rumors are running rampant about potentially maybe Jim Harbaugh being the apple there is the wolverine head coach. Now, we go down to Houston. How about the Texans and colts a Houston team? That's right in this tremendous winning streak that has turned a corner it feels like forever ago that we were going. Into week for the NFL regular season. The Texans were oh in three coming off a loss at home against the giants. But that's exactly what happened. And what have they done since? Then bogus. All they've done is a win each and every week since then and now they've solidified themselves as one of the upper echelon teams in the AFC. And now they take out a rival in the Indianapolis Colts in if you go back to you earlier regular season. This was a game. Remember where Reich decided I think it was right? Decided to go forward. This was. Yeah. Wasn't this the overtime loss? Yes. Radiate apples were right decided to go forward. A gave the Houston Texans at opportunity to kick a game winning overtime field goal. And that's where Frank Reich said. Well, we're here to win games not not generate ties. So now colts team coming off a game last week down in Jacksonville in which they did next to nothing offensively. They scored no points lose the game six nothing. They were averaging nearly thirty five points per game in their previous five games. It was one of the great stunning results of week thirteen last Sunday. Now, they go on the road in Houston. And I would not be surprised at all if the colts stop this winning streak for the texts. Really? I think I'd be surprised because it's in Houston. Just the geography of the game. I think would surprise me here a little bit. I don't think that the colts got really exposed last week. I don't think that we learned that much new about them. I think the Jaguars just for whatever reason decided that they wanted to play and put together. Either a really really, and I want to go back and say that like the colts everything but score in that game was I I gotta get the in the field. Eighteen the Jaguars everything else in there. They just didn't put points on the board. They miss on two or three four thousand. Yup. It wasn't like they were ground into a pulp and got forty five yards and did nothing they had their chance to score. And just didn't. I think this is a competitive game. Think this game gives us a good look adjust. Where exactly both of these teams are. But I think Houston has a winning it. How about San Francisco we go next. And how about the Denver Broncos what they've been able to do past handful of weeks beat the chargers on the road beat the Steelers had home last week when into Cincinnati and took care of business against the Bengals team. That's really struggling right now. But one of the great stories that kinda nobody outside the greater Denver area really of chatted about what about Philip Lindsey in the year that he's had run on the football for the Denver Broncos. She's got over nine hundred yards. Rushing has got eight touchdowns bogus guy that went on drafted. It just shows you the draft process, and you know, the ELLs of it aware guys even guys that are right under your nose. I mean, you know, Lindsey played football in Colorado college football. I it's Alexander travel that far in order to find him. And he gets it opportunity is an undrafted guy. And he's taken that opportunity and literally ran with it. He's been great this year for the Broncos. He's been great. But he's fuelled. My frustration is I've seen them more than once people going Philip Lindsay on drafted saquon Barkley number two pick and their their numbers are at least in the same neighborhood right there compare -able because I I have a really strong conviction in running backs not being overvalued undervalued. Like if you can get saquon Barkley Todd Gurley or something like that you can use the fourth pick on them. It's okay. You don't need to hope to get Philip Lindsay off the street the morning after the draft. So I have this like angst that Philip Lindsay is doing what he's doing and creating another argument against taking a running back in the first round of the draft. But that being said, he's been great playing clean football. They're getting to the quarterback. And they're a team. Whether it's as a spoiler so to speak in the last couple of weeks here or in the postseason like this team's making me nervous. But they've got an opportunity. I'm not saying it's a great opportunity, but you look at the complexity of the AFC now we're talking about the Denver Broncos not all that long ago month ago. We're talking about maybe their head coach Vance Joseph get fired after the season like John Elway crushing them calling calling weeks of weakness. One three in a row. They're six and six right? They're not as good as the chiefs and chargers in their own division. Right. So one of those teams are going to be one of the wildcard teams in the AFC. You've got the Texans at nine and three. And then you've got the Steelers whoever wins the AFC north. And then you've got the New England Patriots. And I don't think the Miami Dolphins. I don't think they're gonna end up with a better record with a plan the patriots this weekend. As compared to the Denver Broncos. The Broncos got an outside chance, but it's a chance. Nonetheless of maybe being a wildcard team in the AFC. They are the the last team in this six six tie right now, they lose all the tie-breaker. So they are the farthest from that second wildcard spot at the moments. I think actually the titans might have been yesterday before they won. But anyway, it's Denver right now. So yeah, they've got a long way to go. But they're they're they're Paschi good right now, and they can do some things to beat some legit football teams. And they've got this game in San Francisco in their home for Cleveland there at Oakland. I mean, they they theoretically here doubt it would end up being a six game winning streak, but they've got three winnable games. Two of them on the road. If you're gonna go on the road, go to San Francisco to Oakland these days. Yeah. They've got a chance to if they keep on this role here to almost negate what the other teams. Around them do because their record could be that good. Yeah. They just got to keep winning. That's what the Broncos have got to do. And I think there, and I'm sure you're an agreement..

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