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The NFL with a writer rather odd scenario Jacksonville where it's clear that J. Lynne Ramsay's days as a jab war are numbered yet the store corner played Thursday against the Titans wife right working clothes. for the end don't want speech argument. as heard on ten ten excel ninety two five FM Gardner men shoot gets it done again two scoring strikes jags best the Titans twenty to seven ending a four game skid in the AFC south series in avoiding the franchise's second in three start in four years the rookie QB postgame cabinet cabinet you know is also also experience some of these guys and bam bam about my tells all getting closer and closer to and fun to do it in a home filled has a lot of fun. what do I never thought I'd get this opportunity so now they do have it I got to make the most of it so. before but I know you know. through every yeah one of my career you know the situation then I may only get one so you got to make the most of it says on trying to now all right so with all eyes on Ramsey who may have played his final game for Jacksonville Menchu the sixth round picks starting his second consecutive game in place of the injured Nick Foles completed twenty of thirty passes two hundred for yours in those two scores chalk up Damien woody as one that is impressed with talk about going to miss a lot of these guys to get into these situations since well. he's not afraid to swing and threw the ball in now thing us a big Bob Prada go plan in that in that in that water I stay system where he was sling the ball fifty times a game is paying dividends early on in his career certainly is but let's not forget about that Jacksonville defense they sacked Marcus Mariota nine at times including three by colitis Campbell his coach Doug Marrone they had a real strong in the first game they get the Texans you know it's tough he really can't say enough about the consistency of what type of player he is to ten acetate ID has the way he goes about the game you know he's long he's relentless he is just a great pro and it's it's very difficult to stand up here and you know and saying he has held a move tonight and I was aware that could you know I I never I haven't seen that Liane back to Ramsey a rip with the Jaguars front office ultimately led to his trade request speaking on the seventeen weeks podcasts he said and I'm sitting conversation with Jaguars management after Sunday's loss to the Texans was the final push and that led him to seeking a trade earlier this week a source telling ESPN's Josina Anderson that Ramsay expects to be dealt before the Jaguars next game September twenty ninth at Denver Anderson reporting that Kansas city Baltimore Minnesota Oakland Philadelphia and Seattle have made enquiries and almost every team has placed the call so how about when this might get done Adam Schefter earlier on get up Jacksonville is determined to get its price Jacksonville wants to wants for the guy to I think Jack's rules you have to once firm ultimately I don't but I don't think it's gonna be terribly far off and so Jacksonville doesn't feel like it has to move him in told as what it wants and I think that they're not going to move him into old the Jaguars have what they want with that offer comes in this weekend next week all right before the October twenty nine trade deadline will say we. we will indeed now Ramsey did say some disrespectful things were said on the other and referring to management he did not single out coach Doug Marrone after their disagreement as seen on the sideline in Houston Ramsey was active for Thursday's game against the Titans but might very well be as we mention his last game which means it's time for straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless so why would he be out the door Stephen a Smith on the Stephen a Smith show has an idea trailer read these completely frustrated you don't want to talk Doug Roni as a coach trying to talk to god this face what happened. I'll tell you what's happening. not really about Deborah it's really about Tom Coughlin. from what I've been told from what I've been told this morning. Jenna Randy. that's one five Tom cough. and anything associated with Tom Coughlin I wonder where we've heard that before. so you're the Jacksonville Jaguars. the Ramsey. you have a five year rookie did you try to get paid this ticket out there just letting you know they got you warlock until twenty twenty one and I don't give a damn how you feel you I get paid even though you're the best quarterback in football right now. you may get great even though others a good draft class to get a great and while you're not getting paid we're also going to compromise your greatness as a quarterback it man to man coverage Bob what you would sell. we're losing well well that's what you get. they were wondering why this man has a problem. and that is straight talk wireless everything for less only at Walmart in keeping with the NFL patriots receiver Antonio brown declining to answer questions about allegations of sexual assault and rape against them on Thursday saying he's keeping his focus on football everything alright. standing. super grateful to be here the faith of the double check Tom Brady you know I've got a lot of the office of learning to catch up of it on the side and grateful to be here and I'll be a parties yeah so that's called the flexion right there in his first interview with reporters since agreeing to a deal with the pats on September seventh he refused to answer questions about the civil case filed against him in South Florida by his former trainer or the NFL's investigation into it as the league continues to investigate those allegations round saying he's grateful to be with the way England playing for bill Belichick and of course working with Tom Brady how about that quarterback white out relationship ESPN patriots reporter Mike Reiss earlier on NFL live Tom Brady and Antonio brown on the opposite sideline spending some one on one time together and what I watched with Tom Brady running pass routes right toward Antonio brown almost explaining to him how he once certain routes run how to attack leverage on one time I watch and plants his left foot in the ground and then continue up the field and raise his right arm in the air another time he planted his foot and crossed in Tonio brown it was a reminder Wendy they only had five practices together well they made it look easy at times last Sunday they also live some place on the field so they're trying to get back to work one other note concerning brown he is no longer a Nike athlete a company spokesperson telling The Boston Globe that the wide receiver has lost his shoe deal with the company you're listening to sports center all night on ESPN radio and the E. S. P. N. app on Jim bass will back to baseball where the New York Yankees or division champs for the first time since twenty twelve..

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