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Welcome back to clockwise the tech podcast it's like sand through the hourglass i'm your co host dan moore and i am joined across the internet by my cohost mr mike sergeant hi mike how you doing today i'm doing well with these days of my life yes but somebody out that terrible terrible reference reference knowledged thank you thank you this is of course the tech show where we bring onto wonderful guests to talk about technology topics to my left the host of many antastic podcasts including turning this car around the rebound and of course the speedy aero cast it's mr john multi john how you doing hi just back from the general hospital i just wanted to play along no that was great i love it i love it and to my left is writer mobile nations and i'm more and the better half of the lucid podcast it's tori fulci tori hi i'm so happy to be here all right well i'm going to kick things off and that's about i'm going to ask about your hobbies and pastimes in the technology department this came to my mind as i was mucking around in my linic server why do i do this to myself i wondered 'cause i kinda like the challenge of storing of installing arcane software packages on the server i don't know why i've always been fascinated by it i was a sys admin person for a little while like a brief hot second there and just mucking around with it and i break stuff all the time and i have no idea what i'm doing about half the time but it's one of those things that i will start doing and i will zone out and i'll look up and it'll be like oh my god it's like three hours of gone by while i'm trying to configure the stupid command line tool in googling all these crazy things and asking people in different.

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