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A new nationwide crackdown underway against MS thirteen we are determined to bring an end to the fear and the violence of MS thirteen US attorney Robert heard today announcing a new nation wide tip line as well as the Spanish language PSA to highlight that tip line the gang forces small immigrant owned businesses to make a choice either make regular payments MS thirteen or have yourself and your family suffer violence at the hands the gang for immigrants afraid to call and report her says there is protection available as well as possible help with immigration status Barbara brick WMAL and WMAL dot com president trump is in London for a NATO summit but even from an ocean away impeachments not far from his mind the president took another swipe at Democrats as unpatriotic for all the house Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing Wednesday well he's in London for NATO meetings but he's also thinking long game speaking to swing district house Democrats districts where are ones that the animation and other people got into the credits in those districts a leading very maybe toward those districts in suburban in some rural areas are being targeted with ads against impeachment by the Republican Party with open of members will book their party leadership to thwart our house vote to impeach Mr trump Bob Costantini on WMAL and WMAL dot com turning from domestic to global issues the president sat for a meeting with French president Emmanuel macron even as the US and France are threatening each other with competing taxes and tariffs the president knows we tax line you have all the taxes we'd rather not do that but that's the way it would work so she didn't work out a little work out some mutually.

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