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A victim comes to their business for help. Clayton Neville K L I. F News News and information Time is 404. Let's get a look at right now. Traffic In Dallas on I 35 E North. Found at 6 35 erect blocks two left lanes and stop and go from Luke 12 Walton Walker. There are like 12 Walton Walker issues Accidents, Northbound Keeneland Parkway and some Palm past Northwest Highway on 6 35 West funded Hillcrest. Two lanes are black playing accident on Highway 67 north oriented pole could crash blocks, two left lanes. On I 30 West found at East Grand. It's erect blocking the right lane in, uh, on the southeast side on. I 20 eastbound at Haymarket Road. There's an accident on the shoulder in Hutchins on I 45 North. Um, you're doubting very high water is reported in her stun easily. Bay 20 North founded Pipeline. A car fire blocks two lanes in Denton 35, northbound at Dallas Drive. Two right lanes are blocked by a crash. With Kale. I have traffic. I'm Bill Jackson. Now it's going to look here. 5 70 K left news and information forecast cloudy and rainy today with a high around 82. Same for tomorrow with a high of 86 Wednesday mostly sunny highs. 88 right now 82 at DFW Airport and accepted with Fox News is in 30 minutes. Breaking news 24 7 a klm dot com I'm genetics and on real news and information. 5 70 k l F brought to you by Dallas, Texas injury attorney dot com Car accident Big truck wreck If you're injured, get the money you deserved. No win. No fee, Call 84476700008447670000 Goldsmith Vittoriano and she noodle offer. It's Ernie Brown on news and information. 5 70 K. L i n over the weekend. I have a chance to watch some of the.

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