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I believe in nutrition course, Thira I was well it was a working camp. You know, you had to work. I started out teaching the. GD courses like math science reading for those that were there that needed to passer g the and we've it within that time. I did teach a little nutrition here and there, and then he was also in prison with Jeff skilling from the Enron scandal. Who is teaching business, correct? At the prison end. Jesse Jackson junior who is teaching policy in prison for political. This wasn't as dangerous as I imagined in my head. This was a little it was an educational it was educational, but that. Listen, the whole experience was terrible. When I was sentenced I didn't surrender to the camp. They didn't let me just go to camp I was held immediately. And so I went through the whole process where I was you know, incarcerated immediately, and then really have time and say vita my family, although I I was already prepared for something like this. And it was a little surprising that you know, I was held immediately. And then I had to go through the whole transfer system. So it was about three or four months later that actually got to my camp once there, I you know, I settled in and accept my fate tone. You said something earlier about like, you would aknowledge that you you did something wrong or took shortcuts. What is it that you think you did wrong? Why do you think you went to prison, or why did you think you deserved or needed to go? I mean other than of course to detox, but like an kind of reboot your life. Why do you think you went to prison? Well, the obvious reasons call what it is when I was doing was completely legal whose criminal in many aspects just the way that that it was done the whole method. What about the kids your high? School clients and the children and the kids and the parents, well, that's what got you in the real trouble. If you would have gotten a slap on the wrist of it had only been athletes, but once you do it with kids. That's what I thought. That's what got you into the real trouble. I agree with you. I agree with you. And I you might have gotten a slap on the wrist. If it had just been Manny, and Alex and not I don't think it would have ended up forty eight months, even though there were questions about whether or not you were a doctor. I'm I'm going to agree with you. I'm going to agree. I think that the my moral compass should've said, listen, I don't care if you're the parent, I'm not gonna treat your seventeen year old. Oh, but the doctor was making everybody great you're making everyone feel good. You're the guy who's getting everybody a little bit healthier a little more money, and the parents want it to it's funny. Most of these guests in the parents wanted it is crazy most these parents that brought me their kids wasn't so much to put him on a protocol to put him on a program. Ram? No there really had been drafted. But they had been using some type of performance enhancing substance from before and say, hey, can you clean up my kid 'cause you know, he's getting ready for the June draft, you know, help him mass. And I'm helping mask the situation, and I would say about sixty sixty five percent of the of of those underage kids. It was like that that that that was the cause. And then you had the other ones that. Yeah. Listen, I want to grow. I wa I wanna into the June draft. But nobody's going drive to five five five six scrawny. Little kid. No matter how good you are in baseball. And that's the truth of the matter. It's all eighty percent of visual. But nonetheless, that's where I should've said, listen, this is where I draw the line. No kids. All you had no line though. Right. There wasn't because they all went up his nose. Yeah. Tell me about how the five million dollars get spent explained to me how it is that major league baseball ends up with a five million dollar twenty bucks or something like four point two four point three somewhere in between four and five billion dollars..

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