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Is sometimes necessary for one civilization to not be annihilated by another which is why our keep up with this thing called had jehad watch and when you read themes from jehad watch remember the big deal george w bush moved but we are not at war with islam orders newsworthy islam's war with us islam is at war with us here's your lungs ramadan and israel islamic jihad is murder female border police officer she's a pretty girl she is a beautiful girl she did now and guns were enough which certain vanunu's knives to nick story london's moslem mayor there would be subdecree khan refuses to cancel jihad terror anti israel demonstration the up for many years as march has been rife with every semitism md fulsome support of a terrorist organization hezbollah i am sure i do not need remind anyone but hezbollah is currently massacring syrians of billions on behalf of president assad and is funded by iran woman drew supporters of global jihad president assad now here's the other part as common sense is so uncommon an normal has become abnormal and abnormal as become nor and our mainstream media spins things any way they like him as a ministry of smoke and mirrors do we really believe but assad is murdering his own citizens while he's a doctor onoda was a doctor manglo usual rough count but dumb as hezbollah is a proscribed terrorist organization it makes no distinction would win its armed and political win your supporters will be allowed march through london's streets unhindered said mr bloom this is extremely disappointing and challenges the mirrors commitment to rid the streets of london of extremism while we won't even referred to it as long as islamic extremism he won't but what about president assad do we really believe he's murdering his own people her to reach words do we just rely on the of smoke and mirrors tell.

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