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Maybe you've seen them. Maybe you haven't seen them. But let's introduce you to some. And it's crap in my opinion. I'll tell you this right now, I'm gonna bad mood to begin. Doc, it's better than a grumpy square. Where's George Jon Morgan and look as as twenty-five long way finished or are you gonna come in here? And not let me finish. Let me finish. I look and I see Jordan Murphy on it. Hey, how about you win a game? Jordan Murphy, come out. She can he do self. So what win a game has every college coach, and I've talked to and said James Palmer James how about winning the game? How about where the game fellas? Jon Morgan, if you're gonna put Langford on there, then you should put you on Morgan ahead Lankford because you on Morgan has been better than Langford on both ends of the cord all year long. He's come a big in big spots and the guys coming in from the big ten none of them. None of other than Carson Edwards. Iggy maybe deserve to be on this list at one or cash. Winston absolutely catches Winstons the first team all American and he's by preseason player of the year. And I won't change that for anything. But I'm just telling you win a freaking game. These guys in the big ten is supposed to be so good. And then I look and they don't ever win a game. The winner doesn't have to come from this list. Old people. I think until the final eight right coach before he was finally put on that list. So the Winterton come from outside. So it's just a discussion point that were have trae Joneses. And on the list, can you put three players from one team on the list because trade Jones one of the top twenty five players in the country. The ways plan he's one of the top twenty five most important players in the country. I mean like there's a distinction. I love trae Jones. I love Xavier Simpson. I love Jordan bone. I love those guys really important to their teams. All right. So what is the wooden ward signify? Besides having to have a certain GPA and all that other stuff that they could good on in the classroom, all that stuff. And you gotta have Sam Gilbert around and his drink. I mean, I mean that sounds good. And I'm a big trade. I think he's important for the team. But I mean, I don't think he should be on that list. Seth here's what I would say. This is why I told you specifically who when you add somebody if you say trae Jones is supposed to be on. Then you gotta take somebody off. Right. I mean, that's kind of how it works. And that's why I say what I said about Jon Morgan that I would put him on and take people. I'm not sure I wouldn't put trae Jones on there. I'm not sure that I would I don't know. But I know this those two guys that are on that list for Duke if they weren't on Duke. I'm not sure trae Jones would be carrying Duke like those two guys are kind of carrying Duke. I made no sense right there. But I, but that's where I agree with you. See I think trae Jones is a connector, and he makes the gate look. He's a great defender. I mean that dude can Flatgaard. Yeah. I mean like, you know, Jordan Boca Flatgaard Xavier Simpson. We talk about. Yeah. Michigan all the time. I mean, look, he, you know, he's not as dynamic Jordan, poor and everytime, you shoot you think it's going in. Right. I mean that dude is like ridiculously good. You know Matthews can guard and this guy that, but they wouldn't be as good if you took Xavier Simpson off, but I'll say this..

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