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Man russ sport every day adults eat too much fit and trim always water cycling he's good of course these children don't need to be convinced that the evidence of how this interventionist approach has worked in amsterdam may soon have city councils elsewhere jumping on the subtle anna hologhan in amsterdam this is how check from the bbc on claudia hammond's on my guest today is family dr anne robinson now and they seem to be getting something right there in amsterdam but childhood obesity is a real problem and lots of parts of the world now isn't it is is a huge and growing problem in every part of the world and we know that low income countries they rates of childhood obesity are galloping a heads as an even faster rate than in in the high income countries so it's it's definitely a problem for everybody and of course it's not a problem with the health risks that it brings isn't it will it is a huge problem and in a way way really not leaving our children a fair legacy by allowing them to become overweight and obese we know now that at least a third of two to fifteen year olds in the us and the uk or overweight or obese these birds in africa southeast asia west pacific countries it can be up to a fifth of children as well and we also know that children who are of whites and a peace in childhood have a double risk of dying prematurely of of a whole host of causes including most.

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