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Matter we're back at the races twenty five minutes into our one and we We are going to actually look at the past a little bit because with Derby Week. Having been so abbreviated may I was Friday and then the first Saturday in May The second and so all this week. There's wonderful anniversaries. This conversation is about twenty six hours late. But that's okay wanted to get Nick Zito on your today for the anniversary of strike the gold and I saw that actually Andy Eddie sterling and I talked after the show and I mentioned it and he said I just put something on twitter about it. Nick joins US nick morning. Good Morning Steve. Thank you appreciate that. It was your first right. It was your first one of the two We we before we dive into it and talk about the lead up and the preparation and you know what you learned and how it all unfolded. Let's talk about Saturday. I wrapping up at Oaklawn and because I'm very curious how you're going to handle things going forward and it. It sure looked. I thought on Saturday you know like you. You know you were in position Certainly to to break the maiden and with hunt the front The Nice Revolutionary Coal and boy He really came through and it looks like he's taking steps forward very much. So Steve Thank you. We've always seen we've always liked this cult and a kind of special to us. 'cause he's by. Revolution Mary but Revolutionary. You know his father was asked shorts. He's out of a mine shaft mayor so we've had so much success in luck with that you know what those two horses Over the years and it was just great. Because you know he's A beautiful coat long striding horses. You know that's such a wonderful pedigree and greatest decision and you know. His fresh waste is terrific back with that and then he's Grassley. You know there were some things. In between few bumps in the road where he drew bedpost lot of tracks. And and then of course you know you got this rider. Arial who seems to be when they say at the top of his game right now and He wrote 'em.

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