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All the fontaine merchandise at cookie. Fontana dot com if you wanna c. J. paul hamm aware right now. You can listen. Can we kick it. The overall find podcasts are giving away for free if you want to follow nikki. Nikki boyer and all social media sites. That was a bird hideous life coach dying for sex. Make sure support. It's i've talked to do coming up if your firm alone. It's mr malone on. Instagram does not anything else. Automatic penn writer dot com book. You're reading now and it's gonna get billable on patriots. I'm hello ross. And also social media the show is. Hello ross hod please give it a listen. Give it a follow supported. Love it all of that. I wanna each and every one of you for supporting the show brand new ross. Great summer salad looks so yummy under show. Love you all you tissues. Percy's it straight talk with us straight. Talk with ross with tv's broth matthews and friends. There's mckee there's malone dare cj jj hip-hip-hooray straight talk with. Ross and our secret sauce it's friendship laughter farting and sets. Oh we'd love days. we love buffets. Oh and we're not buffoons because we love our loon straight talk. Think outside the box if everything a podcast should be. I'm sorry about this song. I know that it's all wrong. On chart neko jay talk with ross bella. Without you're coughing.

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