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Was as i could when a true american knows how to speak the language this is coming from annex brewery which is eur will go ahead and opener man if we we get got the this socialist doesn't you're you're seventy sam objects dream oh thank you that came over so this is from the silva hall but brewing company were doing a lot of harvest and then not in benton harbor but they are in saint joe and saint joe i believe is on meriva you know little about saint joe ducky others other than and other than him being the patron saint of selling houses or something is eating you always don't you take a little figure of saint joe burien menu backyard and then you can sell your house or something is over anyway tell us about saint jack environment saint joe this ain't over his provincial river because that's what i'd saint joe that you have a place post this summer yeah it's it's has dams every so often in its watches targeting dams and other keeps those asian card from coming from oh really crowley let's hope i dunno this is what until nation which is a supposedly a saleh a which they just says a sour on obt off and it has rawls brews of blueberries and this is a ruby called sal rayo combinator five percent so not quite so high so silver harbor brewing company is the brainchild of a chat by the name of christian cook i captain cook captain cook uk course killer so enough of that uh let's go back to the bit since a little bit about silver harbor brewing company who went there what was it like over here.

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