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Possibly the greatest return man in nfl history uh devon hester has retired he announced his retirement no longer playing you finish his career with fourteen punt return touchdowns in his career five kick return touchdowns as query also ryabov caught a lot of passes bout should say 255 passes we had a nice careers receiver how many touchstones receiving receiving sixteen his best year was fifty seven catches he had a couple of fifty countries so he had over thirty touchdowns in his career yes mocha your question is is he a hall of fame yes first step first question is around the room is devon hester all of famer frency yes boley yes he recreates us return man being best mig lavin yes seton absolutely is there a kick returner just solely kick returner in the hall of fame i don't know brian mitchell made the hall of fame no he did not but if you're considered the greatly the greatest kicker and punter of all time or in the hall of fame ray guy took a long time sure to get ray guy in and you've had a couple of kickers who've made the hall of fame and you'll have been a terry in the hall of fame um trump i think it will take a while but i i've devon hester was different than just about anybody i applaud now they're dome you knew there was always that element deal and gave you that element but he didn't return kick see return punch there for a while him i mean i have no problem with the despecialization of of sports that there there are people who do one thing really well.

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