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I'm sorry. He's on the side all action is it was like look a little bit better and getting opportunity because this to tune-ups data gave him. So let's say he got it three five like most people we gonna see another tuneup. I mean what's going on? I'm just and And I know. I know it's to go. We talk on the last show was like obviously objective for the first time was to get the bag at the get the the bell. Unfortunately, you can get to fight the Billie. Joe sanders. So it became more of like a tuna. Gimme grab and more of anything or showcase to degree because you're like he should win this belt. Now, he should not guy out which a look like. And then as early as he was not to do down. You felt like man this is an early night. Let's go. There is no more knocked on. There was no more drama. They went out twelve rounds. You're like, oh my goodness. This is going to the distance. Why? And then you get this fight. All right. Maybe he should dominate me. We should knock them down. All right going to distance on questionable out. You know? So now, you got Danny Jacobs can nullify in, you know, having a big unification Dimitrius and draw outside. Maybe he's in the best situation because he can probably get a chance to crack it all the boats because he has the last boat. But until then if he doesn't get that who does he fight. What does he go? You know at the press conference. He said that he. He was interested in maybe fighting Gilbert. Oh ramirez. He said it will go up to that would be a very interesting fight to see if he wants to go stumbling into the the meat isn't gonna drive. He said that. His lines. Behind me. Go bird, though, is with top rank like, yes, Eddie just did business. But it wasn't true business. Right. Because it was more like. Person calendar too. They they also brought up people. We also bring it up Karlo. You know, we like our face Charle. And we brought a doctor the other person we brought up with rob Brandt. We've. There's I guess rob Brandt word Eddie, Eddie. Fashion. Eddie said, no proper marketable high marquee name profile fight raw Brennan fight rob brand than you. Because the general public right now thinks you're unbelievably talented, but we want to see you now tested drowsy, we were riding for you back..

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