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Hi I'm David Blaustein England's football is scored six goals last night in Bulgaria the perceived as not being enough but I think we've made a major statement England manager Ganic Southgate says he's proud of his players reaction to the abuse we speak to our chief football correspondent Jamie Ali who was there later prime minister is being told if you don't agree a text with us by midnight tonight and we can't circulated foreign leader the head of the summit that starts on Thursday and if that happens and he misses what he called his do or die deadline then it'll be quite clear to every he's going to be calling for a bit of extra time the standards political editor Joe Murphy on a Frantic Day at number tain as a flagship new invited bill is published while the PM Council's Cabinet to negotiate Brexit also the Queen Attends Special Service to celebrate Westminster Abbey why we think it's London's most extraordinary thank you taken from the Evening Standard's editorial column this is the lead for the whole thing pick up the newspaper had two standard dot CODA UK slash comet in a Moment Wipro Galea's football team should be kicked out of international competition mm-hmm before I even got the other side of the pitch and the woman was a disappointing night it's probably one of the most appalling nights of seen in football I don't think he game has ever been started net of this magnitude twice we knew if anything happened in the second half we were off we knew if we came through probably wouldn't begun Michael The F. as chairman says last night was one of the most appalling he's seen in football the monkey chanting began all the game the Nazi salutes in the stands was seen all over the world the racism became so overwhelming Bulgaria against England in Sofia was stopped twice the first half Bulgaria's prime minister says his country's had a football should resign his what this newspaper thinks it was vile hateful and shames the country the behavior of some Bulgarian fans was more than just a passing disgrace it demands direct and tough response because the assis- chants and gestures that foul the Euro Twenty Twenty qualifying match with sadly not a surprise England's players took a stand against this racism pitch and the match was interrupted should they have walked off and ended the game for good some will say yes but there is the reason why England should have to enforce decent standards of behaviour alone it shouldn't have to be up to one team to act UEFA needs to do it and fast just a chief football correspondent James Ali is in Sofia James. You're at the match what was it like the scenes inside the vessel leschi stadium were really shocking and appalling it was a shameful night for European football because England were where ahead in the game early it was never really a contest they were comfortably ahead by half-time this sort of conventional match atmosphere disappeared and you could only hear the the racist fascist element of the crowd is important to remember that this is where the club Leschi Sophia are widely believed to have a fan base it's being infiltrated by Neo Nazi element and that Neo Nazi element was prevalent last night they were Nazi salutes there were there were people at the game dressed all in black their faces covered up Kuwaiti to try and escape but densification and they weren't fans they weren't there to watch the game had no interest in it like they were there to cause trouble into where some some deeply troubling views at the press conferences Gareth Southgate spoke about however halftime they talked about not coming back for a second half but in the end decided to do so throughout this I know that whatever we do might be perceived as doing enough but I think we've made a major statement sadly my players because of their experiences our own country a hardened racism so they're smiling you know they're smiling they they've played well they know they've played well they should and the debate on whether England should have walked off or not will continue for some time I think personally they they did the right thing they followed the three steps protocol there was an announcement over the Tannoy the second stage of that would have been detained the players often the third would have been to abandon the game if the officials felt that that racist abuse had your international level and really they're asking the same question of UEFA which walking off the pitch would have done which is what are you going to do about this and really as much as a team lacking Linda high profile side can make statement sent around the rest of the world by by walking off in the face of racist -scriminate story abuse this needs to be followed up with action from the highest level and for too long you punishments of being insufficient England is last visit to Bulgarian two thousand eleven yielded a four thirty four thousand pound fine for the home side for racism is just not enough or defect and really there still needs to be much more done by you I for to take the lead on these issues next the government's juggling at domestic agenda against a looming breaks at deadline political editor. Joe Murphy's having a busy day in Westminster.

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