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Station news radio 6 10, W. TVN President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off the first of three presidential debates in Cleveland last night. A contentious debate, leaving some viewers exhausted by the candidates. You sure there's nothing smart about you, Joe for President Trump's first making his case for third Supreme Court justice, his nominee, Amy Cockney, Barrett, We won the election and therefore we have the right To choose her. The men also at odds over the response to the Corona virus, and the plan to reopen the country and amid nationwide protests over race relations When pressed the president, saying he ended racial sensitivity training at federal agencies because he thinks it's racist and say, B C's Alex pressure reporting opposed debate Poles, a six out of seven viewers of last night's debate. Saying Joe Biden, one CNN conducted a poll following the debate found a majority thought Biden did the better job Only 28% said Trump did a better job. Two thirds of the respondents that Biden's answers were more truthful than Trump's, and that Biden's attacks were more fair City schools Now's plans for most students to return to the classroom beginning next month. ABC SIXES Kaylie Gunderson says the district gun authorization from Columbus Public Health weeks ago. Now, Dr Dixon says it's time understanding that students might have to return to remote learning. If the number of cases rises. If we had any time to think that we need to change direction and go back to remote, we will not hesitate more details on how the logistics of the blended learning model will work, and the protocol in the event of an outbreak in the school are likely to come next week. Students will 10 classes in person two days a week and learn remotely from home three days a week. High school students will continue remote learning through the first quarter. Pre K through third grade will start the hybrid model October 19th with 4th and 5th graders on October 26th and six through eighth grades on November 2nd. Columbus Police investigating two separate shootings on Tuesday. Botham fatal the first occurred just before 4 P.m. on Heatherton. Dr Love 15 Year old Want Taylor dead. The second incident happened shortly before 10 P.m. on East Whittier Street. That's where 25 year old Julia LCarter Tate was found dead of a gunshot wound. The national restaurant chain planting pink slips and several Ohio locations. The Dayton Daily News is reporting PF Chang's wants to lay off about 300 employees across Ohio as part of a larger reduction of staff in multiple states, the restaurant chain, telling the state Department of Job and Family Services that some locations have seen a 50% reduction in hours. For months, though it's unknown if the layoffs or permanent it's all because of covert 19. Job losses are planned for P F. Chang's locations around Dayton, Cincinnati, Mommy, Akron Beechwood and the Columbus area. I'm Jack Crumley, a new documentary will help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Newport Music Hall. If these walls could talk was produced by Promo West Productions and Function five. Creative the Theater open in 1923 for movies before becoming a concert hall in 1970. It's hosted hundreds of bands, including you to The Ramones, Pearl Jam, James Brown, Neil Young Green Day and B B King. I'm Scott Jennings stay connected to Columbus and Central Ohio on the hour 30 minutes passed and it's news breaks. Will be partly cloudy. Windy was some isolated showers. This afternoon. The high it's 68 degrees. Mostly clear now, and it's 50. And now a game of commercial chicken brought to you by progressive where we see how long flow could go without talking about insurance. Ready? Go, so the the weather.

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