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More question for you. What to get another flex one here. Five guys though day, Sean Hamilton, Cortlandt Sutton, Josh Adams, Kenneth Dixon or Dante Pettis. We have an idea. How many he wants one person one player just one? It sounds. Interesting. So do we feel like Josh Adams, probably is he's sort of Gus Edwards e write us definitely definitely day, Sean, Hamilton or. Yeah. I think it's got to be one of those two guys as well, probably lean towards DeJean Hamilton, really I think that was a reverse from where we were yesterday on the conversation about those Broncos wide receivers, but got call. I think if Sutton comes in healthy, and he's going to be a go. I I would lean that way, I'm still gonna give them another week as the favourite there in Denver. Okay. I'm not I I don't know if I'd even try, you know, he's got a sore quad banged up last week, detract Sutton didn't practice Tuesday. Mhm Dixon yen. I've seen a couple of things to the past couple of days on this is a discussion about Cameron bright in how touchdown dependent he has been and then with relation to picking up, Ian Thomas, and you know, so do you have any takes on which one you feel more confident in this week? I hope it going. I break no at night. And I know we've had this discussion a lot, but flip a coin. It's actually been a few few people different people have talked about the differences there. They I've seen that too. I bright at nine and the Thomas ten so it's close. So you feel a little more comfortable Tate RIC's me with just a little safer. But I hate I hate as as an analyst in this just giving the flip a coin answer. But like gin like we are projecting things that are within our control. But there are twenty two variables in every single play. And it's hard for us to seize too much control over these once the game begins. So both like I think bright has more upside as a tight interview touchdown production because he scored more touchdowns. And I think that it's far less likely for KMart to ever have a game with ten targets. Whereas in Thomas gonna have ten targets every game for the rest of the season. And for what it's worth Baltimore has been pretty bad against tight ends. Whereas the saints have been pretty good. So maybe that breaks the tie for you. All right. So we've got a couple of minutes here to say goodbye. But man. Yeah, we Adam Schefter confirming. That news. We talked about earlier Carson Wentz. Again. The eagles are concerned that QB Carson Wentz will not play Sunday due to a back injury. Nick foles has been told to be ready source tells Adam schefters that is the news of the day coming up on Thursday..

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