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Really liking your radio voice. I've done this for a while. But i also got a nifty new microphone which was sounds good raising funding. But i have known you for quite some time. We go way back in fact To this day. I still credit you as the person who unlocked the key for me to learn how to write books because you told me one thing that literally changed my life and i never forgot it I have taught that to students. And you know i. I literally took one-sentence you gave me and turned it into six figures so Needless to say a fan of yours have been of your work You have a new book out which we will talk about but as you know i very rarely start any interviewed by talking about your work. sorta start by saying what is one of the most important things that you learn from one or both of your parents that influenced and shaped who you've become an what you've ended up doing with your life. I would say that. My dad taught me that when the going gets tough the tough get going. He was in world war two in the pacific theater. My dad was quite a bit older. When i was born and that both has been something that has gotten me through some really difficult tines to dig down deep and go and keep going and keep trying. He was a very much a self made man. He was born into pretty great Poverty and got out of the war and got home from The pacific an spent many many years building a supermarket little supermarket. Empire in the sixties fifties sixties. And so i would say that toughness is something. I really learned from that. I can also say that. That has led me at times to Grinding myself into rubble. It wasn't always. I didn't always take it wisely. And i think from my mom. I really learned to be a good hostess to not something i do when i teach.

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