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Trying to do some research here. Oh I think I think found him. Not not the aints. He's got a pitcher to defy Stefan Digs Lord. I can't talk. What what he's got a pitcher of Stefan Digs I. It doesn't have anything in his biologist at Vikings at Minnesota wild at twins at timber wolves. So he doesn't even have the gophers in his bio as a team that he that he added so it doesn't seem like he's a big of a fan so interesting. Sepe. God bless him. I I'll show you a message. Shaima message little. No yeah next to Seti. Oh yeah we got over the Hunter Renfro Award. This one is a prestigious award Not many of our awards. In fact this is our first award That's named an honor of somebody so a very prestigious award college football. Just not the same about hunter. Renfro F- He's deceptive speed hall of Famer now with the Oakland raiders the. Nfl finished twenty nine hundred tied for Sixty Ninth. Nice in the NFL at forty nine receptions for six hundred five yards four touchdowns in your hunter. Renfro award winner of the deceptively is drum roll. Please Hunter Renfro again. A lot of these categories a lot of nominees. I won't have it. I know it took me with my vote. Johnny of voteless. I do you do okay. Well I don't know how long it was one took for you but this is probably hardest one of the tear bunch. I'm the opposite. Didn't take me very long. I thought Hunter Renfro really set himself apart from the rest of the pack and thought he was pretty a pretty clear winner and deserving of the hunter red froward not bad grassland deceptively the two thousand nine hundred twenty. This happened in two thousand. Twenty is the first of the prefers. What's kind This happened during the national championship game. In which a song was played which is typically not allowed this by this band because they have a quote in there That is unsuitable for for people that are at the game and not only that this this actually made it onto the national television broadcasts dad. Spn's gallic seventeen different channels. Have the game made it on. Every single one of them every single one and the quote that usually does not allowed to be said it is quote suck that Tiger Dick Bitch more of the is Lsu band playing neck while and we will actually had headed out to the band. Set it out zoom and see the words.

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