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Asking for when he sitting in fun of these leaders don't you think some of those leaders are going to see a former exon see so now it's secretary state and start to kind of conflict the two maybe some of the and dictator as well have that problem these are pretty sophisticated people they themselves so i have one different paths i don't see that is a problem one one place where you juicy that kind of a situation is when you have a the office said when you have someone who's been in government who goes over into business then that looks like a compromised situation one day you were demanding of me schuhmann writes concessions and i wanna earning money from me did you have moral values or or do not so what are some of the things you think our necessary for tell us and to do in order to separate us foreign policy and corporate interest the first thing that towson is going to have to do is divest himself it is exon stop so he's got over one hundred million dollars in exon shares he also has a seventeen million dollar pension plan and away axon structures these stock awards and that pension plan is day taught them out over a number of years the reason for this is to keep his ex employees it's retire easy inning line axon is going to have to agree and towson is going to have to seek a complete divest meant of all of that on condition early without any and cubs did you expect fielder that lock stuck in berra well over in may resist but the senate is going to have to in in system and there is there an there is a resistance in the senate.

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