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Their own little agendas pass all the time. So if you weren't stopped being a bunch of the delaney bitches. James take that you know. I don't think you're wrong. Hey member you've got your right to your opinion. Yes and sometimes james opinion just rice. People have a right to their opinion to james. I'm going to have to stop myself the right to be wrong as well. This is true. You're not guaranteed to be correct. That's right those who were courting to james all these years everybody's wrong i don't i don't think i've ever heard. I don't think i've ever heard james admit he's been wrong in anything over the years see needed to play. Cricket just misinformed. Uh-huh so i. If i wanted opinion. I'll tell you what you're right i. I don't know if this was a great episode or not but it was something i don't know if it's a great episode or not either but it was worth discussing. This is something that's been on my offend right to make this episode. What it is exactly right. Hey i we are tagline. Is you know the the maddest the matter. The mad trio show in some degrees. We're we're spot on Madison we haven't even gotten there. Then if it's the maddest mad the question is who's the craziest of all of us and we're all mad here man. I just think there's there's the line madison hatter why that israel. Of course i do do use the audience as you know as the deck of mad trio playing cards. If you can answer that question in an email to majuro show at mail dot com answer that question google. It be honest. You know it or not. You don't know it matters a header or that came from. If you get caught quoting every person i know who's ever been to jail and then and then We'll check your browser history if we want you to do a browser dumped so we can check it to make sure that you can. I don't know well. You can check the browser history. I know some people go. I don't wanna see that. There's some truth to that to the the last thing i want to see is is well. Let's just let's just keep this above board a little. I'm not always blue I don't know there's there's the subject your browser history good or bad. I'm so what you show that to your parents or would you be embarrassed. My browser his incredibly dull especially lately How do you frame a magazine. That's pretty much what i've been looking up So there you go so everybody's rouser histories but let let let's be honest. I'm gonna incredibly doll person. What excites me. Most people go. What the fuck. I know i think for too many of them would just be so right. Really you need to google at. This is true anytime you know. It's like most people any time they get a cold looking up flu symptoms. And you know like it's it's it's cancer diabetes..

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