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Floyd in Minneapolis Newsom met small business owners in Lamar park in that with officials at community bill that is an organization created to heal the wounds and expand opportunity after the city's nineteen ninety two writes he was slated also to meet with the LA mayor Eric Garcetti after which our city may talk about in his press conference which is scheduled for six PM this evening and now we're gonna carry that live by the way right here on KCRW so make sure you stay tuned for that just a quick look at your road side let's see studio city we got still got some traffic from about Balboa to the one thirty four the one no one on one southbound it's four fifty it's All Things Considered from NPR news I'm Mary Louise Kelly and I'm Sarah McCammon Americans are skipping payments on mortgages auto loans and other bills normally that could mean massive for closures cari possessions people's credit destroyed but help from Congress and leniency from lenders have kept a looming financial disaster at bay for millions of people without more help though that might not last for long as NPR's Chris Arnold reports lawmakers in lenders of all kinds are trying to build a financial bridge to the future for people who've lost their income in the pandemic but experts warn that the bridge is only half built for one thing the help isn't reaching some people that need it my name's Jonathan Baird we live in Brewster in Tennessee and I am a disabled veterans here gets a small disability pension but after the pandemic hit his wife lost her job as a home health aide that was most of their income and as a contract worker she's run into delays with unemployment my wife is filed certified every week for her employment for ten weeks now and they have done nothing we've struggled Baird says his mortgage company told him that he didn't qualify for a federal program to postpone payments but many homeowners have been given wrong or misleading information from lenders and it appears that's what happened in Baird's case he also called Ford Motor Company to try to get a break in the payments for his pick up truck when I contacted them they told me that there was nothing they could do just basically make your payment or suffer the late fees it's as a call center worker told him that since he was laid on a car payment last year he didn't qualify for any help after NPR contacted Ford at the company said that is not its policy evening I'm forty is now letting him skip a payment which he says is a big help your paycheck to paycheck like most people and when you take away that paycheck especially for this length of time we have to make the decision a vehicle or foot added many people are getting help according to the credit bureau trans union about three million auto loans are in some kind of program to let people skipper make partial payments as R. fifteen million credit card accounts and those are low estimates but looking ahead advocates say that people could run into big trouble because the terms of these hardship programs can be all over the map credit cards auto loans installment loans there.

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