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Know the exact price to pay for the car you want and see what other people paid for two when you're ready to buy a new or used car is it true car enjoy more confident car buying experience I'm a more going on Kayley newsradio Colorado's news traffic weather stays nice with other storm again like today into early this evening we had a few storms around late yesterday we got a few more rounds later today high temperatures in the mid ninety S. or summer heat wave continues tonight will drop into the sixties and then tomorrow highs in the mid nineties again clouds on the increase of forty percent chance for late day thunderstorms on Saturday a thirty percent chance for a late day thunderstorm on Sunday hi sting in the nineties everyday through next week from CBS for national Terry on came away newsradio eight fifty AM I ninety four one FM it is starting to cloud up we have ninety one degrees in centennial governor poll is a Liberal Democrat at the western conservative summit in Denver it happened today yes this was up first ladies and gentlemen let's give a warm western conservative summit welcome to our friend governor Jerry Polish the governor joking about you know when the invitation first came in my staff thought it was from the western conservation summit polls told the gathering he believes in a Colorado for all and that includes finding common ground whenever possible we do this by listening to one another and not just listening to sound bites and characters of one another the governor's remarks were met with polite applause okay we newsradio housing and urban development secretary Dr Ben Carson also address the western conservative summit life what does that mean.

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