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Oakville from abc news i'm michelle franzen in sacramento california last night protesters marching outside city hall angered over the release of an independent autopsy report of stephan clark showing the bullets that entered his body from behind when officers fired on him and his grandmother's backyard abc's qena whitworth has more independent autopsy commissioned by the family of stefan clark revealing the twenty two year olds may have been shot eight times during a police encounter that has sparked protests each of this bullets independently possessed a fatal capacity the examination was performed by pathologist dr bennett amal lou famous for his studies of chronic head trauma in professional football players he says the findings suggest that clark was standing sideways when the first shot was fired sacramento police department says it's not reviewed the autopsy report yet and is waiting for its own to get back new details in a deadly police shooting in louisiana baton rouge police chief murphy paul announcing yesterday he has disciplined the two officers involved in the two thousand sixteen shooting death of alton sterling firing blaine salomone and suspending officer lake it follows a prosecutor's decision not to file charges in the case epa administrator scott pruitt sparking ethics concerns over an account he was previously living at a capitol hill condo co owned by the wife of a top energy lobbyists democrats calling for him to resign abc news has also learned pruitt was involved in an incident last year whereas protective detail broke down the door at a condo believing he was in need of rescuing here's part of that nine one one call released by the dc office of unified communications exactly what happened okay we have a unifil who came across a show i.

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