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WBZ NewsRadio 10 32 young girls are injured this weekend in Arlington during two separate coyote attacks shortly before six P.M. Yesterday a two year old girl was in her yard on Epping Street when a coyote reportedly bit her back and dragged the girl about 10. Minutes later, Arlington police received a second call that a coyote has scratched a two year old girl who was in her yard on Summerhill Road. Both Children will take Into the hospital for evaluation. They're expected to be okay. An early morning. Three alarm fire in Brighton claims one life. This happened around 12:30 A.m. in a 2.5 storey building on Perthshire road. Fire officials say crews arrived on the scene to find a heavy fire in the rear of the building. The head spread to the top floors. The fire department tweeted just after one a.m. that a fire in the attic have been knocked down. Two firefighters in another resident were taken to an area hospital for treatment. I'm Katie Gallagher. Now. W RKO traffic from the my pillow dot com Traffic center. It's tough on the expressway. The two left lanes are blocked in the north. You inside that crash before granted AV so both sides are backed up there on the expressway. We're also slow on Route three north beyond off and on between Marshfield in Norwell Getaway delays leaving the Cape before both bridges also on 95 south, coming down from Maine and New Hampshire. Tough ride 95 South there. I'm Dave Gardner in the W RKO traffic center. Hitting speed bumps in your hiring process, streamline your out to hired with. Indeed they're hiring platform makes it easy to attract screen and interview candidates all in the same place. Find your next great hired and visit indeed. Dot com slash credit Now, the long looping weather channel forecast Mm hmm. Hmm. Hmm Hmm. Hmm. The weather is certainly cooperating on this Labor day and for the remainder of the afternoon, there will be some more sunshine will be windy at times. A few of the gusts out of the West may hit 20 or 25, MPH and the high temperature today around 82 degrees, which is running about six degrees above average for this portion of September tonight, clear, still breezy at times, the overnight low will drop down to 63 another dry day on Tuesday, sunny and slightly cooler with the high tomorrow headed to 79 degrees. And a clear sky Tuesday night, with the low dropping down to 64. It will be a warmer Wednesday some more sunshine in the forecast with a high approaching 84 that have changed the weather pattern Thursday. Clouds move in a front will produce some showers as well with a high of 79 the dryer behind the front for Friday and Saturday with sunshine and high temperatures in the upper seventies, close to 80 Sunday. I'm Jeff Mar from the Weather Channel on the Voice of Boston Am six A. D. W. R K o Register.

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