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K. Thirteen Ten kfi k. a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com, seventy six, while the all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K for more on Kfi. Programs podcasts sports scheduled news to thirteen ten KFI KEIEY DOT com now back to mornings with Gail. Subsidy on your Tuesday morning thirteen ten a UP K, a thirteen ten. A. Dot Com northern Colorado's Voice Mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collisions, specialists studios okay I know there's no crying in baseball, but for heaven's sakes I mean is is, would this be such a cruel turn of events? This as you had half of the Miami Marlins team testing positive this after their game with the Phillies leading to the phillies game being canceled last night because of health concerns, Yada Blah, and they're talking about either postponing now. No decisions been made get so let's not get ahead of our skis here, but they're talking about either postponing or delaying the rest of the season saying. So. That would just be so cruel. So what could they do to continue playing major league baseball thoughts this morning, nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, thirteen ten KFI, Greeley Loveland Longmont. It's eight o'clock thirteen ten KFI preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage..

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