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I. Always feel like. We wait until we're lake. Not Drunk but we wait until we are at the point where we are just belching up a storm and then white guess it's time to record now isn't it? Let's do that. I'm ready we hold on a second. Hold on. I've got fifty belches. Inter. All coming out in the shell and they're all tiny but I need a long string of them like they're the bit bit. Bit. burps. Is just like a stutter BURP. Birth. We. Just porky pig are birds. Would know what here's the porky pig burps that we have the whole fucking so Every show with now is a poor he pig BER BURP BURP bye-bye? If we can remember two. Hundred. percent. We'll have to remember that after an hour or so we could do that. We can. We'll never remember him forget. It's fine. It's because we wait till her nicely lubricated and then we record. It's a good idea. It's. A good. Oh, Hey welcome rock candy high your podcast bringing. Yes. Sweet treats from the world of music and this week we have an unknown pleasure of a treat I would. Relatively unknown I mean I don't know Shit. This is a total like blank slate for me. Yeah. It's a pretty common. Not Common but well, relatively well known story in the world of arena medal I suppose. MELA. Area. Medal. Hairy Anna. Arena. That's sounds like a lady's name. Area Novella. Ariana Matale. Area mattel tonight you got a great name if I ever go. So somebody needs to do that. He's got yourself Arrieta Matab. Five years after your big break. Everyone's like wait a second. She's been tricking us this whole time leaves or read a metal. Metal does it again? Foiled by metal once again, foiled by metal. Here. Right. Folks. Did it. But. No. So today we're talking about in Ville and Ville Danville. Kinda underdog story. Oh I. Love me underdogs. Yeah. They're they're super underdogs. And they deserve so much more. We're going to give them more where your host Maggie I'm Ashley. We did it all again. Yeah. Yes. You have. You have brought to the table a story that I know you've told me to watch documentary. Yeah I haven't I think a lot of why people even know who and villa's is because in two thousand, eight documentary called in Ville the story of and Bill. Very actually named and everyone watch and kind of fell in love with these guys and they deserved it. They kind of had a career restart after that. Nice. No. I. Do remember a night when we were out drinking, you told me all about infill and fortunately we were out drinking so. Everything you told me. Yeah except I remember something about a janitor a janitor. Kind of but not really Oh, janitor adjacent oh janitor at JC. Spicy yeah. Oh very exciting speaking.

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